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Meghan Closes The Tig and an Autumn Trip to Africa?

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In today's post we're catching up on recent news stories of interest concerning Meghan, from the last week or so, to get us up to speed with all the latest happenings. Of course, big news came in the form of an announcement Meghan has closed her lifestyle blog The Tig, after three years. She had described it as her "passion project" and with a brief statement thanked her readers: "You've made my days brighter and filled this experience with so much joy. Keep finding those Tig moments of discovery, keep laughing and taking risks, and keep being the 'change you wish to see in the world'."

The Tug

Meghan concluded her farewell with this:

'Above all, don't ever forget your worth - as I've told you time and time again: you, my sweet friend, you are enough. Thank you for everything.' 

When Meghan first launched the blog she explained the unusual name was chosen after she tried a wine called Tiganello (nicknamed Tig). "It was an ah-ha moment at its finest. For me, it became a 'Tig' moment – a moment of getting it." I very much enjoyed The Tig; it was a very positive space covering everything from food, travel and beauty to personal posts - most of all it encompassed the vibe of women supporting and encouraging one another in a time when tearing one another down, particularly in the online sphere, has become more prevalent than ever. Meghan is a talented writer too, and her voice 'spoke' very clearly to her readership.

The Tig Instagram

On her Instagram Page she shared photos of followers and contributors. "It is YOU who have made The Tig community so special. And even though I haven't met most of you, for three years I've seen your faces and read your comments and hugged you from afar."

Meghan Markle Instagram

And that brings us to the question we're all asking: why did Meghan close The Tig? Three years is a long time to dedicate to a site, and in that time the site had built a strong community and was not only a creative outlet but a vehicle to express interests and support causes. I certainly don't think it was a hasty decision, but quite the contrary. I imagine much time and consideration was given. Personally (and I may be way off here) I took it as the strongest indication yet Harry and Meghan are planning a long-term future together. Should that be the case, this is the first step. It's been reported she plans to leave Suits after the current season completes filming, and there has also been talk of a permanent move to London. Meghan has been noticeably less active on social media since her relationship with Harry was revealed, and each and every piece she wrote for The Tig was heavily scrutinised by the media for connections to Harry. It's very probable it became difficult to express herself with the increased attention, however, I doubt she chose to close it for that reason (quite a large number of celebrities have their blogs written by contributors).

The Telegraph reports:

'Already fans are interpreting the move as indication that she is preparing to take the step from career actress to something rather more elevated, with many convinced it is a precursor to an announcement the couple are to be engaged.
Although Markle is scheduled to start filming a new season of her legal drama Suits next season this month there have been rumors that it will be her last and that she will quit acting in order to concentrate on her relationship with Prince Harry and her charity work.'

Only time will tell; watch this space! :)


The other news story we wanted to share with you is from reports Meghan will accompany Prince Harry on a trip to southern Africa in October when filming for Suits finishes. The Mail on Sunday reported "the visit will take in Harry's Lesotho charity projects, an important part of his life for the past decade". Africa holds a very special place in the princes' hearts, with William proposing to Kate in Kenya in 2010. The trip could provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal... :)

Kensington Palace made an announcement on Pippa Middleton and James Matthew's wedding earlier today, confirming it will take place on 20 May and Prince Harry will be in attendance. There has been various reporters suggesting Meghan won't be there, although I do hope she is, as it would be a great opportunity for the couple to make their UK debut. The Telegraph reports "The palace said it had no further details on guests and was unable to confirm whether Prince Harry would have a plus one. It has been widely speculated that his girlfriend, the actress Meghan Markle, will not be attending."

Speaking of Harry (and to brighten up your Monday), we conclude with this very cute GIF put together by @Katiesroyallove from a video message Harry recorded for Heads Together.

P.S. An enormous thank you for your kind messages of support about the blog! :)


  1. Ah, Harry. He's so cute!!! I love that gif.

  2. Love the Harry GIF! Guess we will have to wait and see what unfolds. I hope Harry takes Meghan to the wedding.

    1. I cant see the GIF at work,, will see it at home,,only time will tell about Meghan Markle,I would be cautiously optimistic about any future announcements, but Harry may just surprise us!

  3. Thanks for the post Charlotte! I love stealing time away from work to read your new post! I also love the GIF of Harry! He is so great! I bet Meghan won't come to the wedding, Kate doesn't like to go to weddings of friends bc she thinks it takes away from the bride. I think Meghan might feel the same way, taking the limelight away from Pippa. But I would LOVE it if she did come! Time will tell for everything :)

  4. I agree with you Charlotte, I personally think there is no other way to interpret the Tig closing. Every other concern could have been managed... except a royal husband ;)

    From what I understand, and I'm no Meghan (or Tig!) expert, her blog reflected her life, her travels, her adventures, her love of food, cooking etc. She has already had, and will continue to have, some very interesting travels with Harry, but won't be able to share them on her blog. I sense that feels like a betrayal of sorts to her, does that make sense? As if she's suddenly shutting out her long time, loyal readers.

    So I think she came to the conclusion that if she couldn't do it honestly and openly as she always had, she wouldn't do it at all.

    I still believe an engagement will come quite soon, definitely by summer. As much as Harry loves Africa, I don't think for a moment he would follow the same proposal plans as his brother.

    And if they're married I think they will be a charitable force to be reckoned with. The royal version of Bill and Melinda :)

    I have always believed if you have a platform, use it and use it well. To whom much is given...

    1. Agree. I think Meghan could really be an asset. She's already been to Africa (I think it was Africa) as well as India on her own, and working with Sentebale would be a nice offshoot to that.

      But I really hope she/they find something meaningful in Britain as well. And I really hope she lives up to the promise I see. She could be wonderful for Harry too. Someone who might kick him out of his comfort zone a bit.

    2. Alejandra Ramirez11 April 2017 at 04:28

      Interesting point, but it takes me to what I wrote in another blog: why can't Royal Girlfriends be free to do whatever they want
      I do not want to start a malicious debate, but it makes me sad that they cannot be as free as they wish

      Time will tell

    3. I think they can be who they want. Obviously, there are some parameters but from everything I've read about Meghan (which I concede is not a lot), I think that her interests and Harry's will align.

    4. Alejandra I think a royal "girlfriend" can do what she wants - within reason - but once she becomes a royal "fiancee" things usually have to change.

      Because the royals are first and foremost national representatives, funded by the taxpayer, things get pretty sticky when you try to mix private professions with a taxpayer funded public role. Just ask Sarah Ferguson, Sophie Wessex, etc etc etc. :)

    5. I agree, equal focus on British and International causes.

    6. I agree, equal focus on British and International causes.

    7. I agree, equal focus on British and International causes.

    8. lol. sorry (how did that happen?) I agree, but maybe not quite THAT much. lol

  5. After seeing the latest KP press release I hope for the love of God that Meghan brings some media savvy to Harry and KP!


    1. Oh my. That was well handled wasn't it? :)

    2. I am with you, she seems much more media friendly than the whole brunch.

      By the way,what happened to the"Diana fed the press, William starve them"? I hate the mixed messages of the Cambridges. So beginner like.

    3. Eve from Germany11 April 2017 at 07:44

      Oh Claudia, I do agree with you!! Loved the "for the love of God" part - it reflects very much my reaction to that press release!

    4. Eve from Germany11 April 2017 at 07:59

      When I first read the news about Meghan closing her blog, I immediately told my daughter: This is it. That´s the kind of thing she would have to do before moving in with Prince Harry and ultimately becoming his wife. Whopee! Another royal wedding hopefully soon!!
      I still can´t think of any other reason and, OF COURSE, sources have to say that it has nothing to do with Prince Harry, I mean, we all know by now how it works, right? (Although, with the latest KP press release, maybe we don´t??? ;-))) )
      Personally, I think that the Duchess of Cambridge will have "a run for her money" once Meghan joins the Royal Family. She definitely won´t be a "shrinking violet" and most certainly will step out and shine - just because she´s used to it and has a natural talent for it, in my opinion... It will most certainly be very interesting to watch the relations between the brothers, the sister-in-laws and both couples... Could be that Harry and Meghan take away some considerable media and public interest from the Cambridges... not sure how well that would be going down with William.... Yes, he loathes the press but he´s used to be "No 1" and from all we know he´s got quite an ego and a sense of entitlement, and it´s not easy to see that being "threatened" by someone all of a sudden much more popular.... (see Charles and Diana...).
      Apart from all that I just sincerely wish Harry all the happiness in the world, including a happy marriage and a happy family! If he can have that with Meghan, I´m all for it!

    5. I have to admit, the release was *so* far from what's become normal for KP that I did think initially, this must be some distraction ploy?! And I wondered, is Harry heading off to propose to Meghan somewhere? ;)

    6. As Alimai said, do you think the KP website was hacked?

    7. Oooh that's a thought. That would be so much fun if we could truly have another wedding this year !

  6. Hmm. I love seeing. Meghan im become. More than understand. Her. For these. Blog

  7. Proposals. How do you top your own cozy little digs, whale watching and the aurora bourealis? lol

  8. Hello All. Congrats Charlotte on the new blog!
    Three comments. First: Harry is such an imp! He always has been, but this video is just precious. And my goodness that smile - that seems like the most contented publicly produced smile we've seen in a long time. If its not love, well he has me fooled! Second: I do think Harry would propose in africa - I think Sentebale is where he might feel closest to his mother's soul and where he found direction in his life beyond the military - and I think one of the things he feels he can share with Meghan is a commitment to a shared purpose they can invest in together - I can't think of a better place to start that journey than at Sentable. Third: Looking at the pictures of Meghan posted here, I think also she has charisma... That certain spark - which of course Harry would find comforting in its familiarity both because again of his mother, and he has it too... Anyway those are my random thoughts - will curiously and avidly watch this space to see what develops.


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