Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Meghan Photographed On Her Way to Yoga in Barbour & Nautical Stripes!

For the first time in several weeks new photographs of Meghan have emerged. She was snapped over the weekend on her way to yoga with a friend in Toronto. Meghan has been keeping a low profile since her return to Canada to film Season 7 of Suits, in which she stars as Rachel Zane. The photos are available to view at E! Online here.

E! Online Twitter Feed

The article reports:

'Markle's professional decisions as of late have many wondering if she's preparing to become a princess, thanks to her serious relationship with Prince Harry. After their relationship went public, Markle went on a lengthy hiatus from social media, which resulted in an image overhaul. These days, it seems Markle is less about her TV career and more about her passion for conservation and charity—ideals perfectly in sync for life with the royal family.
The Tig's closure magnifies Markle's efforts to hone in on what's most important to her: humanitarian causes. "Meghan is going through big changes in her life," an insider told E! News. '

A large portion of the candids of Meghan are taken on her way to and from yoga. Meghan favours a casual, relaxed look and this ensemble encompassed a number of stylish pieces.

Meghan's Fashion Twitter Feed

Meghan wore the Barbour Gustnado Waterproof Jacket (with thanks to Meghan's Mark for the swift ID). The $299 jacket is described as "With enduring style and rugged construction to see you through many rainy seasons ahead, this spring-weight utility jacket features a waterproof twill shell and signature tartan lining." The jacket features a club collar, detachable hood with drawcord toggles and is 81% polyester, 19% cotton. It's available in several colours at Nordstrom.


Meghan's nautical top is the J Crew Striped Boatneck T-Shirt (with thanks to the eagle-eyed ladies over at Meghan's Mirror).  The piece retails from $25 - $50 in several colours.

J. Crew

Meghan's leggings are a pair she's had for some time by Under Armour. The $60 Black Ski and Snowboard Leggings are currently sold out in all sizes.

Under Armour

As shared by Meghan's Fashion, her chic sunglasses are the Mykita 'Priscilla' Sunglasses.

Meghan's tote is the Goyard Goyardine St. Louis PM. It's actually from the 2005 Collection, so I imagine it's likely been in her closet for some time. It's described as "White and multicolor hand-painted Goyardine coated canvas Goyard St. Louis GM with silver-tone hardware, tonal leather trim to exterior, dual flat shoulder straps, beige canvas lining, matching pouch with snap closure and open top."


And for the yoga enthusiasts reading, it looks like Meghan is using the BMAT Everyday. It's available at Amazon.


What do you think of Meghan's casual style?


  1. I love the glasses and hairband, it's quite retro really. She looks like she's walking at a marina about to step on a boat!

    For most people this would be quite well put together for a walk to yoga, wouldn't it! Though I am a bit tired of striped shirts at this point, and I say that as someone who loves nautical tops :)

    There was a funny thing someone said on Twitter, I think it was from "fug girl" (sorry I hope that's not something dirty! it sounds iffy!!)
    Anyway, they said "I see Kate has inducted her into the Holy Order of the Breton Stripe" or something like that :) Gave me a good laugh!

    1. She does look a lot like Kate in this outfit!

    2. I agree with the Breton Holy Order. We have seen way too many, and I totally contradict myself here because I also keep buying them.😁
      But with indefinite budget probably one could do better, maybe dotted tops would be a better idea.😁

    3. I love those glasses too. For the first time ever I'm tempted to look for something I saw on a blog!

      I love those striped tops too. I envision myself on the left bank in Paris looking terribly chic with a little red neckerchief smoking a Galoise (although I don't smoke) and having a cafe au lait.

    4. Ohhh bluhare

      I love your Parisian vision, red would be a lovely colour to add also the cigarette and some coffee too. I join you any time😁

    5. Hope you have an extra $400 or $500 for the sunglasses. (not to be a buzz kill or anything. Just waylaying sticker shock.) :)

    6. Yeah . . . won't be buying those, surfer girl. I do like them though.

      Mais oui, Anett!!

  2. What are your thoughts on who may be "prepping" her for her role as Prince Harry's girlfriend? Would this be something assigned because the relationship was formerly announced, or is she following the life and times of Princess Kate? Just curious.

    1. Anon I remember reading that Diana was given her own ladies-in-waiting and also assigned the Queen's personal lady-in-waiting, Susan Hussey, to help her after the engagement. Although Diana said later she was not adequately prepared at all.

      To do better with Kate, who also had a very long courtship which was beneficial, William gave Kate complete access to the Wales household staff, to ask questions, get any info she needed. And Katie Nicholl (not sure how good a source she is) wrote that staff also showed her video of Diana being pursued by the press to show Kate what she might be up against, which Kate found helpful but "creepy". I'm sure a private secretary went over different protocols with her.

      I think Harry will be Meghan's first go-to source, and anything more "formal" will only come after the engagement. I think she would be best served by conversations with Mike Tindall, Sophie Wessex, Tim Laurence, anyone who has "married in" and certainly quality staff members as well. But I'm not sure there's many of those at KP right now ;)

      For the "blood" royals this is the only life they've ever known so I'm not sure how helpful they really are to an outsider.

    2. I like the suggestion of Mike Tindall and Sophie Wessex. The BRF does seem like a scary place, though. I wonder if they will end up squashing her spirit eventually.

    3. But to add - Claudia, I doubt it was such a sleight of hand.
      I suspect it was Kate and Pippa behind the announcement. They probably thought it was a good idea.
      I seriously don't believe it was anyone who works in professional PR.

    4. I hope they don't end up squashing her spirit. Seems to happen though. I would bet no one is helping her out right now; although if they get engaged that will probably start.

      And, Claudia, I'm almost to the end of the Bedell Smith book. William and Kate are getting married where I am now. And I really don't know what the big deal about it. Just about everyone is portrayed quite sympathetically.

    5. Completely agree bluhare. I've read several of her biographies, they're very matter of fact, thoroughly researched and well sourced.

      The New Yorker did a review of it recently with quite an interesting take on it, if you want to check it out :) I think, like me, you enjoy taking in all points of view!

    6. Ha, CLaudia! I read the review before I started the book! I was hoping that the book would be as good, to be honest. It was the best book review ever! Not sure how much of the actual book was in it, but it was great!

  3. Zora from Prague11 April 2017 at 20:19

    I like Meghan's jacket, it looks really comfortable. Wish I had a similar one, with the hood.

  4. Victoria, Oregon12 April 2017 at 00:55

    I'm so glad you started this blog, Charlotte! Thank you! Meghan always looks so put-together. I like her style.

    1. Meghan has a stylist. The same one who styles Trudea's wife.

  5. I have to say that I absolutely do not like her style at all. Not one bit.
    I find it interesting how Meghan is in the news perpetually. When I spent some time reading on her I found some news item that broke down her statistics - on how often she is in the news. She peaks on Mondays, leaves the scene for a bit and then sets a pattern over a period of three or four weeks and repeats. It was very interesting. Clearly she is heavily into PR and curating an image - hype or not, who knows.
    I don't have a very set-in-stone opinion of Meghan. Quite agnostic on her, as a matter of fact. She looks good on paper, but seems very into her PR also.
    These images - btw are sanctioned by her. Toronto has no paparazzi on call - this is her people calling them when they want her images to appear.

    1. That's an interesting take. I'm also hedging my bets; I've been excited about another royal bride who didn't quite pan out in my estimation, so I'm taking a wait and see attitude. I wonder how much of it is the fact she's an actress, and whether her show is involved in getting publicity for (probably!) her last season as well. I think that business is cynical enough to do it. And up until last week she had her blog to promote. It will be interesting to see if there's a difference now that the blog is closed, and when her shooting for he last season is complete.

    2. Rosman, didn't know about the Toronto paparazzi. Very much food for thought. Confirms some vibes some have been picking up on. Hope they are wrong but don't know at this point. She has a lot of good points but self-promotion shouldn't be in the equation for a possible Princess, in my opinion. Or should it? However it came about, Vanity Fair has titled her a "global leader" in their article. That is quite a PR leap, even in light of Emma Watson's rapid transition from actress to "global leader" via simply establishing a scholarship fund.

    3. Rosman I admit my knowledge of her barely scratches the surface right now, I've been most interested in reading up on her charitable pursuits which I find hugely impressive for a young woman. But, I thought I saw that there is a gossip site/pap agency in toronto and almost all these pics come from them.

      If bluhare stops by I think she knows more about it, they were also the ones who first knew about the "intimate" pap pics from the wedding.

      Also, in fairness to her, she is not a royal yet, and still has a job where 90% of it is promotion and PR, whether you want to go along with it or not! You have contractual demands and expectations, many actors say this is the part of the job they like the least! And when social media came along I know some friends who are in local media jobs said that was added to their contracts as well.

      Frankly, as I said before, if she has PR experience bring it on! :) Completely agree with your other statement that the KP release could not possibly have come from any professional PR entity.

    4. Yeah the global leader bit really had me scratching my head. For what? Paying a visit to India and Rwanda? Then I should be one several times over. I have been picking up vibes like you as well, surfergirl. A bit of over-hype and self-promotion and not sure how much content or real depth.
      That article about menstruation - for people who follow international developmental work, that is old news. BUT I did like the fact that she wrote it in a mainstream magazine, thereby highlighting the issue to people who don't. I do agree with bluhare on the cycnism of the business.
      So far my take on her is that she is smart and educated- much smarter than all the royal family put together and has hustle. She is educated in the sense of - she actually seems to have learned something from her degree, not just taken courses that had the best parking. She seems to have a genuine interest in developmental work, but is as interested in promoting her image. Like royalfan on the other blog I do wonder whether these kind of personalities are cut out to be in the shadows. She is more of a limelight person than a shadow one.
      If i were a betting person I would bet that the marriage with Harry would fall apart after the last kid turns 2. I am going to try to find that PR article.

    5. Yeah Claudia - I do see what you are saying about 90% promotion being part of her job. I think the real test will begin after the Suits thing ends. Then we will start to see the real Meghan come out.
      See the article below that deconstructs her analytics. She inserts the yoga pap walks with some frequency.

    6. Rosman, perhaps, unless Meghan sees the "Royals platform" as unsurpassed by any other in the world and knows that she can "be the change" therein and utilize that platform to the max and NOT be stifled. IF that is the way she perceives it (and that seems likely) then I think she has her eyes wide open AND a plan. Particularly knowing that sooner than later there is going to be time of transition within the halls of the palace anyway. Why not be in the flux and purposefully shape that transition into more dynamic directions that you want? The only true possible deterrent would be parenthood. Always a gift, always a blessing but wouldn't allow her to be as "free-wheeling" in negotiations with the palace perhaps. Just some food for thought.

    7. amd she seems to have "street smarts". Always an asset. :)

    8. Regarding the global leader thing, Meghan went to the One Young World summit in
      late September 2016. According to them "On 28 September, young leaders from 196 countries will descend on Ottawa for the One Young world Summit 2016." The photo shoot in vanity fair took place at this time before anyone knew she was even dating Harry. The purpose of the shoot/summit was the meeting of young "leaders."
      So she along with the others featured in the magazine would have been referred to as global leaders regardless of Harry since this all occurred before the public knew.

    9. Re Toronto: Lainey Gossip is the gossip site I was talking about. Lainey is a Canadian gossip person who works for someone (don't know who -- eTalk or something like that?). Her site actually isn't bad. Anyway, one of her good friends is friends with someone else and the story is she gets good scoop on Meghan. Lainey's the one who said that there were more Harry/Meghan photos at the wedding and the reason Harry looked so out of sorts in the ones that were published is he was furious as the other one caught them kissing on their deck, etc. And apparently they stayed after the wedding and had a privacy screen put up so no more photos.

      I can't remember the name of the person Lainey is connected to, but I think she's also connected to Trudeau's wife who Meghan also knows.

  6. I love the coat too. Seems like a really good idea for any weather.😁

  7. Okay so it took me quite a long time to find that article again but here it is. I don't know how much the writer is making it up or what.. but it is at least interesting.


    1. That was an interesting read. Thanks for the link. I'm sending it to a friend of mine who's in PR!

  8. I think it's lovely Harry went to Toronto to see her. I've read people taking him to task for it on other blogs -- he takes too many vacations, etc. -- but I think it's nice that he will go see her instead of making her come to him all the time.

    As for the vacations, not sure how I feel about that. A four day Easter break to see his girlfriend wouldn't get any mention if she was in Britain. But because she's across the Atlantic it does. I find it interesting comments about Harry have got more negative since he started seeing Meghan. Interesting, really.


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