Sunday, 25 June 2017

Latest Meghan Updates & Harry Reveals Meghan "Absolutely Did Not' Advise Him on Mental Health

All has been incredibly quiet on the Meghan front since the Suits star attended the ATX Television Festival in Austin earlier this month. Sightings do tend to come in spates, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if several photo sets emerge shortly. We have a brief post wrapping up latest sightings we haven't yet covered beginning with a look at promo shots of Meghan as Rachel Zane ahead of the Suits season seven premiere.

The black and white photos feature Meghan in a fitted sleeveless dress (with thanks to Meghan Markle Daily for sharing them).

A reminder for fans of the show: season seven begins on Wednesday, 12 July in the US.


Next, we're taking a look at the summery chic outfit Meghan wore when departing Austin. 

Meghan wore the very trendy peach Club Monaco Anree Shorts. They are described: "With a paper-bag waistband that features a self-tying belt, the Anree is proof that shorts can be sophisticated. They're crafted in a soft linen blend and finished with a cuffed hem for the perfect warm-weather alternative to dresses and denim."

Club Monaco

Meghan wore the Sarah Flint Saddle Gear Lace Up Sandals.

Meghan's gorgeous new bag is by British brand Burberry (she's become quite a fan of the brand recently). The £595 Baby Bridle Bag is described this way: "Our equestrian-inspired runway satchel in smooth bridle and grainy leathers. Reflecting traditional British saddlery, the soft practical shape is crafted with utilitarian clasps, a grooved border and burnished edges. The Italian-made bag has an internal and external pocket and a long adjustable strap to wear over the shoulder or across the body."

Meghan completed the look with Sama sunglasses.


And finally, whilst all is quiet on the Meghan front, there's been a media storm surrounding Prince Harry owing to a Newsweek interview he gave with a string of shocking quotes. Perhaps the most unexpected revelation came in the form of admitting he "wanted out" and considered turning his back on the Royal family to lead an ordinary life.

Mail on Sunday

'Speaking to journalist Angela Levin – who revealed last week that Harry believes ‘no one in the Royal Family wants to be King or Queen’ – the Prince gave an astonishing insight into how he once felt directionless, and sought an escape from the pomp and pageantry surrounding him. ‘I spent many years kicking my heels and I didn’t want to grow up,’ he admitted. Several years of partying, drinking and heavy smoking followed – which he has previously described as ‘total chaos’ – and Harry admitted coming ‘very close’ to a breakdown several times. 
And when he finally decided to be more constructive, he even questioned whether remaining a junior Royal would allow him to use his talents effectively – and considered life as a commoner instead. ‘I felt I wanted out but then decided to stay in and work out a role for myself,’ he said, making it clear he was primarily motivated by his loyalty to the Queen. It was obvious his life in the ‘goldfish bowl’ had left its mark. He added: ‘We don’t want to be just a bunch of celebrities but instead use our role for good.’

When asked if anyone in the family wants to be king or queen, Harry replied: 'I don't think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.' Sky News reports:

'Interviewed by Newsweek magazine, Harry said: "Is there any one of the Royal Family who wants to be King or Queen? I don't think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time."
He also hinted at a lingering resentment about what he was asked to do at his mother Princess Diana's funeral in 1997, when he was just 12. "My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television," he said. "I don't think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don't think it would happen today."

Harry remained tight-lipped about Meghan, apart from one point in the interview when he was asked if Meghan had in any way advised him on mental health issues:

'Absolutely she did not' 

The interview has caused quite a stir, with more revelations to come in documentaries filmed by ITV and the BBC marking Diana's 20th anniversary. One fact evidently speaks for itself - William and Harry are still very much grieving for their mother and with the anniversary approaching, not only do they wish to keep her memory alive but it would seem, in Harry particularly, he feels it is time to speak out. Reading his words on walking behind his mother's coffin is heartbreaking. Twenty years on, he is still very much wounded from the trauma of it all. He's clearly been very much at odds and has struggled with an inner conflict regarding his royal status too, and this is where speaking so openly has proven rather sticky - to say the least.

I think many of us have known for some time the Princes have struggled with their royal roles. The young royals continue to carry out a very lean schedule of duties, and given the current climate in Britain following a series of terrorist attacks and tragedies, hearing a man from one of the most privileged families in Britain essentially complaining about his lot may seem somewhat bewildering. Harry is one of the most personable, friendly and warm royals one could ever hope to meet and genuinely cares about causes close to his heart. Moving forward, I think it's important to tone down the interviews and really just get stuck into work. It's been a bizarre week for the House of Windsor with news of a Clarence House approved biography on Camilla coming out soon - so close to Diana's landmark anniversary, it's a dreadfully insensitive and ill advised move. Clarence House and Kensington Palace continue to carry out separate agendas rather than operating in harmony. The need for a unified monarchy rather than opposing royal houses will be crucial in the years to come.

We finish up on a lighter note from the interview:

Perhaps surprisingly, he also claimed to be an avid viewer – along with millions of commoners – of The Crown, the hugely popular Netflix drama about his grandmother and the House of Windsor. ‘It’s great but I wish they’d stopped at the end of the first series,’ Harry said. ‘They absolutely must not move on to the younger generation.’

Perhaps Harry and Meghan enjoyed the series together :)


  1. Thanks for the post! Can someone explain who is behind Clarence House and Kensington Palace? Is it Prince Charles and Harry and/or William? Or others who somehow have some power?


  2. Interesting analysis, Charlotte!
    I am in two minds about Prince Harry's interview. One the one hand I agree that he's speaking from a place of entitlement. On the other hand, knowing someone who is as rich and privileged as a royal suffering from traumas and human issues also shows that not even those at the top of the chain are exempt from life issues and it can normalise how many people feel.
    I would agree that all younger royals do need to step up, no multiple vacations each year or a super lean agenda of royal duties, if they want to keep their credibility.

    1. Totally agree with you, Lily.

  3. Thanks for the post !
    Looking forward to meghan sightings ! Dunno how she is managing to stay absolutely off radar

  4. Thank you so much Charlotte for the opinion of yours!! It is always nice to read! xoxo

    As much as I adore Harry, I think he needs to stop giving more interviews because he comes down as a spoilt, entitled, out of touch person at the moment! Which is probably not or less than we think. Fingers crossed!

    Finally, that book is most unfortunate, I suppose they publish it now to "balance" the saint and perfect Diana image. Frankly, reading through comments people are still too invested in this trio, and take it to heart and way too personally, I think.

    1. Anett I agree, and think they ALL need to stop with the interviews! I've been going on since I started commenting (to the frustration of many I'm sure!) about the need for better PR handlers and communications staff, especially at KP. If this doesn't send alarm bells across the board I don't know what ever will. But someone, a good friend, a good "colleague" needs to jump in and give them a good shake and wake them up.

    2. Claudia

      I enjoy your take on things every day, no matter it is the first or 10th time you say it, because you mean well and say it with wisdom. Let's hope somebody reads royal blogs and something will change in the future.
      But to be honest, I think there is a lot to come as the anniversary is getting closer. I wish it would be September already because "fans" on blogs and Twitter are out for "blood." There are awful comments day by day.

    3. I agree, Anett. I'm steering clear!!

  5. Charlotte, you mention that in the "current climate in Britain following a series of terrorist attacks and tragedies, hearing a man from one of the most privileged families in Britain essentially complaining about his lot may seem somewhat bewildering." That's true.

    However, to be fair and objective, the timing of the interview's release and those events probably had no connection except that they hit the newspapers at about the same time. All royal schedules are set months in advance. Harry couldn't have known that his revelations would hit the press at the same time as a number of back-to-back tragedies which have left London and the world reeling.

    The only thing that could have been done would have been for the publisher to put the Levin interview on pause until a more suitable time. In days gone by, some more ethical journalists and their publishers were known to do that sort of thing--take the high road in the interests of protecting persons in high places. Nowadays they use them for target practice. Anything to sell papers.

    You really wonder how anyone would consider taking a royal marriage on (most especially the House of Windsor). It's a thankless proposition so much of the time. Considering what he has been through, I sincerely hope that Harry finds happiness and stability and abiding love. Meghan is a special person who has lot to offer, but she will also have to give a lot up if she decides to take on that life.

    1. Philly that's why it's best not to give interviews like this at all, discuss your misgivings or second thoughts inside palace walls or with close, trusted friends.

      Timing is everything and you never know what can be going on in the country. And first and foremost, the royals are to always be mindful of and represent the mood of the country.

    2. The release of this interview couldn't have come at a worse time. It's quite shocking & unfortunate, really.

  6. Eve from Germany26 June 2017 at 06:40

    Thanks for your telling us how you feel about the current "situation" (Prince Harry´s interview + Penny Junor´s book), Charlotte! As always, I really appreciated your balanced view on things, combined with taking a clear position as to what you think is needed on both "sides"..... I wish KP and Clarence House would take a good read of your blogs, could give them some incredibly valuable insights....

    As for Harry and Meghan, I was VERY surprised about his answer "Absolutely she did not". It sounds almost rude, as if HE was "pissed" with her advice for some reason and wanted the public to know that she is NOT that big factor in his life that everybody wants her to be. If I was Harry and in love with Meghan, I would have smiled gently and just said "No, this decision to seek help was made before/not triggered by her/mostly due to my brother´s advice", etc, etc. There was NO need to be so "harsh" in his wording.... unless he wanted it to be like that.
    The new photos of Meghan posing for fashion photos do not make me very "hopeful" regarding their relationship, either. I love the photos, but a VERY short skirt with her legs in a very "inticing" position, plus a blazer with NO bra underneath? The photos are great, I enjoy watching HER enjoying the process and I love the fact that she´s feeling comfortable with promoting the clothes like that - but it´s definitely NOT "royal bride material"!!! The vibe I get is almost "I don´t give a TOSS anymore about "showing behaviour fit for a future princess"!!"
    I´m not a fan of "changing your true self in order to be able to become a princess" - that´s a recipe for disaster IMO, but there´s a difference between "completely giving up yourself" and "respecting your future role".
    Maybe both Harry and Meghan are on a certain "war path" at the moment, consciously "violating royal standards" by doing the exact opposite of what these standards require... Maybe it´s their joint way to express their view on what Charles and Camilla are doing at the moment, who knows... Still, it would show that the young and the "old" generation of the British Royal Family are as divided as the nation... not exactly a good sign, albeit extremely interesting to watch...

    1. I thought I was the only who thought they way he said "absolutely she did not" was harsh. He could have worded it differently. But the whole interview shows Harry doesn't think before he speaks and that's problem he needs to work on. He just like he's grandfather prince Philip. I also had a problem with his HIV interview when ask why he wanted to help he's response "it needed a straight guy" I'm like that was totally irresponsible answer. He really needs to think before he speaks. Luckily the press didn't get ahold of it.

    2. I agree it did come off a bit harsh, but giving him the benefit of the doubt I will say this: He's probably very frustrated, as Meghan is, that anything they do or say or are talking about, is reduced to a question about their relationship first and foremost. I don't think it was meant as a slight to Meghan at all. Just as Meghan's friend reacted quite strongly when an interviewer said "your friend is Prince Harry's girlfriend" and she said "and many things in her own right as well". And I'm sure as I've said before Meghan didn't like being reduced to her bum when she dared to wait outside for a taxi before Pippa's wedding.

      Plus, the journalist was likely told in advance questions about MM were off limits so he might have been a bit peeved that it was even being brought up. And he was thinking the headlines will be reduced to "Meghan helps Harry on mental health initiative."

      Little did he know those kind of headlines would have been much better! :)

    3. If I am not mistaken, those modelling photos are not current. The first thing I did was check the date. Second, as modelling photos go they are quite tame. However, without fact checking it might be assumed that Meghan doesn't give a toss and thus forfeits consideration as a royal bride. Or that she conspires with Harry to wage war on the Establishment.

      The modelling job was pre-Harry and photos are being run by the press now. I'm betting that they may have been bought for a considerable sum from the original fashion shoot and are being used now for one purpose only.

      Because Meghan is so successful in keeping a low profile and because an appetite for images of her is out there, I would eat bluehare's hat and wager it's being done to sell papers. "Meghan Markle Bra-less" headlines will do that, but it's not only old work before Suits that she has done in the fashion industry, it's fake news by any definition.

      Fake news is dangerous. It sets us up to misjudge the situation and the people involved on account of misleading headlines and false information. Princess Sophie of Sweden had a more public past than Meghan, and she is fully integrated into that royal family. She was one of the loveliest royal brides ever.

    4. lol, Bluhare's hat has a life of it's own.

      Philly, I also think that is an old photo. And there have been a lot of sultry headlines and steamy sex scene photos almost rapid-fire in the media.
      Camilla and her media team at work did cross my mind.

      I think Harry's comment was an exasperation of Meghan being brought into the conversation. But since she was, he wanted to make it very clear that the feelings he had were his and his alone.

  7. Eve from Germany26 June 2017 at 10:56

    Ok, I TAKE EVERYTHING BACK! I just read that the pictures of Meghan modelling were taken BEFORE their relationship even started and had just been "unearthed" now. So, all my surprise that she would actually still model and make rather "OH, WOW!!" pictures (if I may call them like that) even NOW, when everybody is talking about her moving to London and "preparing" to become a royal bride, well, it was based on the assumption that the photos had just been taken a few weeks or maybe even days ago. My apologies for jumping to conclusions...
    I still consider Harry´s reaction to the interviewer´s question whether Meghan had in any way advised him on his mental health issues a bit harsh, though.
    Apart from that I wish them both happiness and would be SO glad if they got married!! Still, it´s entirely THEIR decision, we don´t want another "She was the right one for us, but not for him" again, right? ;-)))

    1. I'm glad you learned the facts about the earlier modelling job, Eve. I'd like to offer a few thoughts on Harry's abrupt and emphatic NO. Though it may seem harsh to you, it didn't to me. I suspected that he reacted to that question as a sneaky tactic to bring someone close to him whom he is protecting into the interview when that's a subject he doesn't want to discuss.

      Emphatic answers--especially ones that sound somewhat angry--work very well to shut down intrusive questions and any that would naturally follow. His resounding NO slams the door on the subject. He might be signalling the interviewer that no questions in that vein are acceptable.

      It's also not uncommon to arrange off-limits subjects when agreeing to interviews. It's quite possible that there was a "no Meghan questions" agreement which had been breached by the question. While we can't know that for certain, in that context his irritation would be completely understandable and acceptable.

      It is permissible to speak emphatically, even harshly when boundaries are being crossed or to let people know that you have nothing more to say on a subject.

  8. What a treat seeing the new post here today! Thank you Charlotte :) And I must say, your analysis was very well written and insightful. I know you like to write straight down the line most of the time and leave the debate to others, but I think in instances such as this your own analysis of the situation is a nice touch. So keep it up, don't shy away from adding your own voice ;)

    1. I also appreciate hearing your perspective on things, Charlotte. :)

  9. I hope the people who've been critical of Charles in the past noticed he came right to Harry's rescue this weekend. I suspected there might be something in the Sunday papers, and sure enough, Camilla Tominey had an exclusive. (She's been writing very positive pieces for the entire Wales family for more than a year now.)

    "Prince Charles does not "hanker" to be King, according to sources close to the heir to the throne, and agrees with Prince Harry about no one longing for the throne while the Queen is still alive. The well placed source said: The Prince of Wales does not sit there every day looking longingly at BP, wanting to be King. He's demonstrably made a role for himself as heir to the throne and is acutely aware that this role is coming but he's not willing it forward because to do so would involve the demise of his own mother. The source added: I don't think the Prince of Wales will be particularly disturbed by what Prince Harry has said. He's always been very supportive of what his sons are trying to do."

    So, I think an admirable attempt at a save on Charles' part, he has banned questions about succession in interviews before, saying to discuss it would mean discussing the death of his mother, and he thinks it would be insensitive. BUT, I don't think that was on Harry's mind, so I'm not sure it will work. But it was good to see, nonetheless.

    1. Zora from Prague26 June 2017 at 23:30

      Thank you, Claudia, for your very interesting points and for quoting more sources (about Charles and about Harry's interview below). And thank you, Charlotte, for this post , as well as for the brand-new one about Meghan arriving in London!

  10. I've said enough about the interview on the Kate blog :) but now that it's sunk in for a week or so, I've noticed some good observations.

    Many people wondering why the reaction to Harry was SO harsh (and it was) when William has said similar things with a pass. I think Harry had the misfortune of being the last one to speak, and the general feeling in the country right now is "ENOUGH!" He was the straw that broke the back.

    Also it's worth noting, that when William & Harry wax on about being "ordinary" they don't mean ordinary like the rest of us! They want ordinary *aristocratic* lives, the lovely lifestyle their wealthy friends have without the headaches of the press or the pesky expectations of the public.

    Max Hastings (former Telegraph editor) wrote a very insightful opinion piece:
    "If they (William & Harry) were encouraged by those around them to have a spark of humility, they might instead see that, as men of moderate intelligence with no money other than that which the Royal Family has amassed over centuries at its subjects' expense, they would be lucky to have jobs and homes of their own, never mind holidays in the Caribbean.

    Neither brother seems likely to invent the Dyson vacuum cleaner or play football for Chelsea. Here, I am not preaching republicanism or knocking the young Princes — merely trying to inject a little reality into their pampered lives.

    They are phenomenally lucky to have what they have, and will continue to enjoy it only by retaining the gratitude and respect of the Queen's subjects, which is not a given."

    Also Rachel Johnson also made some excellent points, in a column addressing Harry: "Reluctant Royals is very bad PR for the brand, and The Firm is not just any brand it's arguably the most successful in the UK. In that one sentence you also reveal that you fail to grasp the corporate purpose of The Firm.
    Then, in the next breath, you explain that you are doing the world a favour just by your very existence. This makes me worry Harry, that you have either never heard of Bagehot's first rule of the royal family, which is never let daylight in on the magic, or you've chosen to ignore it."

    A reader named Caroline summed it up *perfectly* in my opinion, in one paragraph on the Kate blog "If there are aspects of your job that you do not like, you can tell your family and friends, but it isn't smart to complain about it to your boss, in Harry's case the British people. You might just find yourself out of a job."

    Perfect Caroline. Straight to the point.

  11. To dovetail on Charlotte's information, :)

    shorts, $130
    sandals, $535
    sunglasses, $395
    organizer, $520

  12. We all have our blind spots. The old "ego centric predicament" from Philosophy 101. And I am reminded of Charles murmuring that he hated one of the reporters that was nearby him. And Diana saying Charle's was unfit to be king. And Anne saying, That (George's birth) has nothing to do with me. Etc., etc. So I do appreciate Harry's candor and honesty. He wasn't targeting anyone. He kept it general. People are going to pick apart everything he says every-which-way-to-Sunday anyway, so why not be honest? And as far as enough of the candor just get to work more, I think we'll see that in the very near future.
    I was astonished and very happy about Charle's support of his son. Relieved. :) Amazed, really.

    Thanks Charlotte for the update. Where is that girl hiding herself? No yoga? No grocery shopping?
    No dinners out? No walking Bogart and Gus? No leaving and coming home from work? Her bodyguards are doing a superpowers job.
    Nice invisibility cloaks. :)

    1. Did Anne really say that? LOL She's a chip off the old block (Philip) :)


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