Sunday, 11 June 2017

Meghan Arrives in Austin for ATX Festival

Meghan has touched down in Austin, Texas for the ATX Television Festival. Tomorrow, she will join her Suits co-stars for a special reading of the pilot episode and live panel discussion to mark the shows 100th episode milestone. It's the first time we've seen Meghan since we caught a glimpse of her and Harry at the wedding reception of Pippa and James Matthews three weeks ago.

Mail Online

Meghan was joined on the plane by close friend and castmate Sarah Rafferty who plays Donna Paulson on the show. You can view several photos here.

Just Jared Twitter Feed

More from the Mail Online:

'After exiting the airport, Meghan was ushered into a waiting black Chevrolet Suburban SUV before being driven away alone. After exiting the airport, Meghan was ushered into a waiting black Chevrolet Suburban SUV before being driven away alone. The actresses are in the Texan city for the ATX Television Festival, where both will take part in a script reading and panel discussion.
Also in town are fellow Suits stars Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, who jetted in on Friday and have already been taking part in fan events. The event, which is now in its sixth year, has already seen panel discussions and performances featuring Friends star Lisa Kudrow and funnyman Will Ferrell among others. Meghan, who is due on stage tomorrow, has been keeping a low profile since returning from her latest trip to London at the end of May.'

Questions regarding the royal romance have become par for the course for the Suits cast with Sarah Rafferty recently deflecting such queries with a simple "no comment". Patrick J. Adams chatted with Entertainment Tonight at the ATX Festival and revealed Meghan is "so happy". The article reports:

"Meghan and I have been such good friends for years now and to see her so happy is great. She's super excited," Adams said, explaining that he and his co-stars rarely open up about their personal lives at work. "I'm super happy for her and she's been such a pro in this season and it's going so well. I'm very, very happy for her," he sweetly added." 

Meghan opted for a relaxed casual look featuring a white shirt and ripped jeans. The hat Meghan is carrying as a piece she wore in Jamaica with Prince Harry. It is the Madewell x Baltimore Panama Hat.

More from the product description: 

'Eric Lynes, the man currently at the helm of this almost-century-old Canadian haberdashery, might be the world's foremost aficionado on gentlemen's hats. (Seriously, ask him anything.) So it's no surprise that when people go looking for an authentic old-school hat, this is where they end up. We're looking forward to wearing this stylish straw panama all season long.'

Meghan's very chic bag is the Chanel Gabrielle Bag.

Meghan carried her Stow Leather Zipper Tech Case.

Meghan has a fantastic collection of sunglasses - for the airport sighting she sported the J Crew Franny Sunglasses. She's a big fan of J Crew regularly opting for their tops and shirts for casual duty wear and on Suits.

For earrings, Meghan chose the $275 Jennifer Myer Long Bar Stud Earrings.

And Meghan's sandals are the Madewell Kana Lace Up Gladiator Sandals. They retail for $69.50 and are described as "Delicate straps lace up these refined Madewell gladiator sandals. Ankle ties. Crepe sole."

A special word of thanks to the talented ladies at Meghan's Mirror and the lovely Laura for their rapid ID work!

The post will be updated if additional pieces are identified. If you're just joining us, it's a two post day, earlier we looked at Meghan's fashion relationship with Roland Mouret. Click here to view that post!


  1. Well I think her co-star inadvertently let the cat out of the bag! Expect an announcement this summer I'd say.

    His one line did it: "She's super excited." That's not something you say for a relationship, that's what you say regarding someone's engagement or plans to marry.

    For example: "Claudia, how's Charlotte doing with her new beau" Response: "Oh she's so happy, he's wonderful and they're great together." But this co-star knows something more, because when asked "Oh Claudia I hear Charlotte is getting married!" You say "She's super excited!"

    I think they are already engaged and waiting to announce, or maybe Harry hasn't presented a ring yet, but they've said they want to get married, the family knows, they've discussed scheduling, etc. After all these are two people with their own demanding schedules. And grown-ups.

    I haven't seen suits yet, but the little I pick up says there's a summer break in filming and I wonder if she'll be written out at that point and not return... obviously no announcement will be made on her role because that would be tantamount to an engagement announcement which will of course come first from Charles.

    1. It certainly sounds promising. I very much like your analytical thinking on the quote from Patrick J Adams :)

      Meghan is also less and less visible publicly which is another indicator.

    2. The analysis brought a smile to my face. Veerry
      clever, clever Claudia. :) You work with crumbs of info very well. I think you are right. With the lull in Meghan news, I was beginning to think that perhaps they had broken up. Your sleuthfulness has greatly encouraged me. I am so excited. :)

      Charlotte, I agree. Her low profile (no photos of walks to yoga, airport arrivals, going to or from work), no other social media that we know of, her discontinuing "The Tig", all speak volumes.

      Do you know, Charlotte, if there is any truth to the reports that Harry is having a larger apartment at Kensington Palace renovated? Or that they have been looking at any time for property in Los Angeles? Please let us know, if you can. :)

    3. P.S. I just remembered that Priyanka Chopra, Meghan's friend, said that Meghan and Harry are "more than just girlfriend and boyfriend", and that is a quote. Hmmm. And the plot thickens. lol

      (For links. Just google "Priyanka says Meghan and Harry are more than girlfriend and boyfriend".)

    4. surfer girl, I saw your previous comment worrying they were no longer together and I kept meaning to respond! As Charlotte says the radio silence is often an indicator something is coming :) Diana was squirreled away to Australia for 3 weeks before the announcement. They could very well have spent large chunks of this recent time together as well, and we just don't know.

      I think that was a definite slip of the tongue - typical man!

    5. men. lol

      Thanks Claudia. I hope you are right. :)

      When do they wrap up filming? Do you know?

  2. I should add I love the look - for the most part - why the ripped jeans? I know, everyone groan and call me old, but honestly it doesn't do anything for me. But jeans, a white shirt and Chanel bag is about as effortless and chic as it gets!

    I do love the sandals :)

    1. I think the outfit is classic casual also, Claudia.
      I love the chignon. And I really like the earrings
      very much. A lot of the girls her age wear the ripped jeans. It is definitely the fashion now. I don't get the reason they would like those either. The rips are just distracting, in my opinion. The sandals do go perfectly with the outfit. And I love her leather organizer and carrying the hat. Perfect. :)

  3. Zora from Prague11 June 2017 at 14:44

    Claudia, I totally agree with your 14:16 comment - every word of it :)
    Thank you, Charlotte, for both new posts - a welcome surprise on a lazy (almost sleepy, after the last night's Museum Night here) Sunday afternoon!

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone Zora and SG - As long as she puts them away when she's HRH :) And Zora I'm having an entirely lazy weekend too so the chatting is nice!

      As a frequent traveller I immediately wanted that tech case myself, the one thing I click to buy and it's sold out.

      Also SG I did read, whether true or not I can't remember the reporter, that Harry is paying himself (likely with help from Charles) for her protection. That indicated how serious this was quite early. I think they both just clicked right away, it happens, HRH or not ;) Frankly I think they might have announced something much sooner but were afraid of the criticism.

    2. Harry not pay for her security. The company has a bodyguard for all the castmates to get to the studio and whatnot.

    3. Seems her close friends (the ones whose comments are mentioned above) know something we don't.

      Would love to know about the reported renovation at KP and a reported house hunt in Los Angeles. I have gone as far as I can with that research at the moment. I think Meghan will have a home in Los Angeles always in addition to one in London. She loves Los Angeles and considers it home. I think Harry would easily honor that.

    4. I recall a rumor that Dodi and Diana were shopping for an LA home. Kevin Costner apparently verified that he had been in talks with Diana for a film.Abagail

    5. I had never heard about that.

    6. That totally would not surprise me, Claudia. I would be surprised to find that Harry wasn't giving her protection.

    7. Upon reflection, Harry may not have to have Charle's help with protection costs for Meghan. It is reported that the boy's each inherited about 10 million dollars from their mother. If they put that in a trust and live off of the interest of the trust, that would give them each about $500,000 a year from the earned interest, if it yields the normal 5% annually. Most all of Harry's other expenses are already covered so it wouldn't be too difficult for him to have the monies to provide protection for her. I don't see Charle's contributing to protecting Harry's girlfriend. I don't think he would agree to that or otherwise Kate would have had protection while she was dating William. Just guesses.

  4. I don't see an engagement just yet maybe next year. They barely made appearances together as a couple. They need to be together more than just taking weeks trips to see each other. I really hope to see them at ascot. I'm really excited to see her in a hat since she wasn't at the wedding ceremony.

  5. I am glad that Meghan was accompanied by a body guard while in transit. I wonder if she has one 24/7 now, with Harry (who has said he wants to protect her) footing the bill. Or is it a studio thing? Did the other actors have bodyguards? If it is Harry providing the bodyguard, that also speaks volumes.

    I also think it is cool that she wore her blue Jays baseball hat again. I am sure they love it even more.

  6. Meghan's Chanel purse costs $5,100. You have dress the part. Princess Meghan 👑, and it pays to buy quality. Classic bag. A gift perhaps from Harry? :)

    Her leather tech organizer has electronic adapters for the U.S., UK, and Europe. lots of organization. No visible clutter. Organized stylishly. Perfect. (It is currently sold out. "Meghan effect"?)

  7. I did not realize the purse was so expensive. I wonder about the cost of the other items? Thanks for the info on the organizer. I don't believe I have seen her photographed with it before-I doubt the sold out status can be credited to her. It just looks like a useful item for a jet-setter to have. Abagail

  8. Vogue has a photo of Meghan arriving in Austin. It looks like her luggage is leather Burberry. It showed some plaid lining on top. Any identification on the luggage?

    1. Ghurka rolling luggage. $2000

  9. hat, around $50.
    Purse, $5,100. ("Lead with the purse.")
    leather tech case, $520.
    sunglass, between $80 to $128.
    Earrings, $275.
    Sandals, $69.50.
    Total look, worth it. :)

  10. Thanks, surfer girl. I got so used to seeing costs with Kate's clothes. I think the difference is I would really wear more of Meghan's items, as appropriate to my age, and can day dream a little about actually buying them. I don't think anyone would judge Meghan for wearing pricey items-at this point, anyway. I want to enjoy her choices while I can. I hope she doesn't have to change too much. Abagail

  11. I really don't think she will Abigail. :)

  12. Did Kate every carry a $5,000 purse?

    1. Yes she did, for her trip to Paris, a chanel bag. And you can't compare an actrice with here on money and sponsor with a girl who was working for her parents.

    2. Yes she did, for her trip to Paris, a chanel bag. And you can't compare an actrice with here on money and sponsor with a girl who was working for her parents.

  13. She has a very easy going style . That's grt !

  14. As this blog progresses I think that Meghan, if she knows about this blog and I hope she does, that she would be so excited about the blog and thankful.
    She may have lost "The Tig" but she gained this blog.
    Now she has her own personal diary done for her and with photos. :)

  15. According to Laura Lambert, the Daily Mail, 6/12/17,
    when Meghan arrived at the airport in Austin wearing her torn jeans and white shirt outfit, she had been reading about British politics apparently because she was carrying a copy of "The Economist". The magazine was opened and folded revealing their article about Brexit.


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