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It's Cultural & Culinary Delights For Harry and Meghan In Rabat!

For their final day in Morocco, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex carried out several engagements in Rabat celebrating young people and Moroccan culture.

They kicked off the busy day with a visit to the Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports.

The couple were greeted by very friendly faces :)

A great photo of the couple meeting one of the horses.

Harry and Meghan learned about their programmes supporting children with special needs and met representatives from mental health organisations involved. They met the centre's founder Louis Broski. Speaking to The Mirror, Mr Broski said: "It was a challenge, I started with one child, but now 16 years later we have 100 children. My aim is for all disabled children to be fully integrated into Moroccan society." Meghan replied "That is just so important, and this is just a gorgeous space you have here".

Harry and Meghan viewed a riding demonstration and discussed caring for the horses with teachers and children. During a grooming session, the couple noticed a Shetland pony named Molly was shaking. Harry asked "Has anyone got carrots. She's a bit nervous". Meghan added: "We all get camera shy. I understand".

A nice wrap up of the engagement in the video below.

From there, the Duke and Duchess visited Villa des Ambassadors in Rabat for a cooking demonstration. 

The couple were joined by renowned chef Dar Moha. Harry was already familiar with his work as he visited his restaurant in Marrakesh before the royal wedding.

The couple saw how traditional Moroccan cuisine is supporting young people and teaching children from under-privileged backgrounds a new skill. Meghan is passionate about food bringing people and communities together. During the launch of Grenfell cookbook Together, she said: "This is more than a cook book and what I mean by that is the power of food is more than just the meal itself it is the story behind it. And when you get to know the story behind the recipe, you get to know the person behind it and help us celebrate what connects us rather than divides us. That is the ethos of Together."

It seemed only fitting for the group to prepare one of the recipe's from Together. They chose the pancakes with honey and almond butter by Cherine Mallah (which reminds me Shrove Tuesday is next week).

When Harry sampled one Meghan laughed and said "Big bite", Harry replied "It's a bit late now".

 They sampled an array of dishes including spicy creations and a pigeon pastilla which Meghan called "delicious"

A group of young chefs from Hadaf.

More on Hadaf from AP News:

'Hadaf supervises 85 people suffering from moderate or mild developmental disabilities, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
"It all started with my daughter, who has a mental disability," says Amina Mseffer, president of the association. When she could not put her daughter at school because people were scared to have a disabled person with the other children, Mseffer said, she decided to put her in a special institution. But this was expensive, and stops when the person is 21 years old.
So she joined forces with relatives and friends and in 1997, they created Hadaf, which means “goal” in Arabic, but also stands for “Association of parents and friends of mentally disabled people.” Help and donations have come from official institutions, companies and even the Moroccan king and private donors, including nearby mosque-goers.
In 2005, Hadaf set up a social-professional center in the Hay Nahda neighborhood of the capital Rabat, housing various workshops and courses including jewelry making, sewing, decorative painting and carpentry.'

The couple met representatives from the organisation.

The Mail Online reports:

'Inside they walked around the stations and chatted to the young cooks, aged between nine and 18, stopping to try mince and onion pastries (Harry) and Harira - a spicy chickpea soup (both). Chef Moha handed them each a decorated ceramic bowl to try and they each took a sip. 'C'est delicieux,' said Meghan in French. 'What's in it?' asked Harry, before joking, 'It's a secret recipe!'
One child said something in Arabic to the chef, who turned to the Duke and said: 'He finds you a very good person. 'He is a good person,' smiled the Duchess, putting an affectionate hand on her husband's arm. 
'Harry and Meghan took up the offer of a meal for 'the whole family' from top chef Moha Fedal, who hosts the North African nation's version of Masterchef. He told the couple: 'I hope to cook for you next time,' as they joined him for a cookery demonstration with underprivileged children in the capital Rabat.
The Duchess replied: 'The whole family next time.' The chef said: 'You come with your baby to Marrakesh next time' referring to the fact that the prince is believed to have visited in 2018, just before his wedding. 
'We would love to,' said Meghan. 'Come with your baby and I will cook for all three,' he told Harry as he joined them. The Duke - clearly inspired by the delicious spread he had sampled - replied: 'We will cook for you!' 

The Duchess gave Chef Moha a copy of Together. She wrote: "Chef Mohar. Wishing you continued success and congratulating you on your incredible work in engaging the community in cooking. All the best. Meghan".

In return, He gave her his book Le Vrai Goรปt du Maroc.

A group photo.

For their final public event, the Duke and Duchess met young entrepreneurs supporting youth empowerment at an arts and crafts market in the Andalusian Gardens in Rabat.

It was a quick change of clothes for Meghan.

They enjoyed a traditional musical performance upon arrival.

The beautiful Andalusian Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for the engagement.

Omid Scobie shared these stunning photos on Twitter.

Harry and Meghan's names in Arabic.

As they viewed local arts and crafts, the Duchess was given a necklace. Of course, Harry was on hand to assist...

They were given an array of items including a bronze plate representing British - Moroccan friendship.

Meeting local craftspeople.

Royal reporter Rebecca English noted Meghan was particularly impressed by one pair of shoes.

The couple discussed sustainability. More from the Mail:

'Harry spoke as he and the duchess met entrepreneurs in Morocco who have started companies aimed at tackling the country's social, economic and environmental problems. Talking to Youssef Chaqor, who runs a recycling company called Eko-Geste, Harry said: 'You need to put more pressure on the big companies.'
He said that while big companies might give money to environmental projects, 'they are still producing single-use plastic bottles.' He added: 'Go to the source!'
Looking at a stand which featured wallets and shoes made from cured fish skin, the duchess told PhD student Nawal Allaoui: 'It's very clever.' Meghan asked what happened when it got wet, but she replied: 'It's waterproof.' Harry congratulated her on moving away from snakeskin and crocodile skin.
Meghan said: 'It's really amazing not to use exotics like that, and instead use something sustainable that would otherwise go to waste. But they still have a fashionable impact.'

Victoria Murphy shared a look at some of the young entrepreneurs.

Many of the people they met are working to address youth unemployment and involved in creating new initiatives.

People reports:

'Silver craftsman Sakhi Driss had a photo of Harry’s father, Prince Charles, on display from when the Queen’s son visited his store in Fez. Driss said of Harry, “He asked when the visit was and where was the picture taken.” At one point, Harry jokingly shielded his eyes as the sun reflected off one of the silver pieces – and Meghan learned that it takes about six days to make one tray.
At one of the first stops in the fabulous walled gardens high above the coast with the Mediterranean sea, they were handed two embroidered foot cushions – which will perhaps come in useful in their new home, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor Castle. “They were interested. They asked many questions. It was a great pleasure to see them,” Ismail Boudrous from the social enterprise says.'

This video opens with footage of Harry and Meghan meeting two darling little girls.

For Meghan's looks today she opted for a mix of new and old pieces. This morning's engagements saw the Duchess in casual attire including a striped sweater and black jeans.

The Duchess wore her hillside green J Crew Field jacket. Meghan's had the piece since 2016 and was photographed wearing it several times in Toronto before the engagement.

After numerous searches, Michelle from Perth Fashion identified Meghan's breton top as the Equipment Lucian style.

The Duchess wore Rag & Bone maternity skinny jeans (with thanks to Meghan's Mirror).

Meghan wore the Stuart Weitzman Brooks Suede Boots (with thanks to UFO No More). The almond toe boots are available in very limited sizing at Saks Fifth Avenue.

And accessorised with her Ecksand Tresses yellow gold earrings.

For the afternoon's engagement, Meghan changed into a more formal look. Initially it was thought Meghan's dress might be a re-purposed Givenchy piece, however it turns out she wore the Loyd/Ford Pleated Dress (with many thanks to eagle-eyed reader Jennifer). 

The pleated chiffon dress is currently reduced from £432 to £324 at ShopBop. It's also available in pink.

You can see the thin strap on Meghan's dress in the photo below.

The Duchess wore the Artizia Babaton Keith jacket she debuted for a polo match in 2016. It is described as "This take on the tailored blazer does away with a standard collar and plays with architectural tailoring. The Japanese basketweave fabric is textural and fluid, emphasizing the weighted drape." It retails for $198.

Meghan wore her Manolo Blahnik Carolyn Black Satin and Velvet Polka Dot Slingback Pumps.

And accessorised with the $200 Gas Bijoux Onde Drop earrings (with thanks to UFO No More and Meghan's Fashion). For US shoppers they are discounted by $50 with code FASHION at Neiman Marcus.

Harry and Meghan will meet with the King this evening. I expect we'll see photos.


  1. Wow, so quick. Thank you.

  2. As per usual - I like this look! ;)

  3. Beautiful couple! When I see them walking together, I remember Meghan saying how they love talking long walks together. The jacket she’s wearing, looks the same as from 2016, when she lived in Toronto.
    Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan pictures enjoying food are lovely pictures too. The sweater Meghan is wearing, looks the same from her Together Cookbook cover.

  4. Oh i love those casual. Visual hmm looking forward on thr update hmm is these the the duchess of sussex last enagement

  5. This green field jacket, stripes sweater and jeans is so pre-royal Meghan! I feel like I've seen a variation of this look from her for years (most recently in all the photos of her out and about or on her way to yoga back in Toronto). Love it!

  6. Nicole from France25 February 2019 at 10:46

    That IS quick, Charlotte ! I love Meghan’s way of dressing casual and chic at the same time .... the collar is up and it makes it !

  7. It's always fun to see H&M dressed up for evening events, but there's something special about casual outfits too. It's a glimpse at what they must wear during downtime. Dressed up or down, I love how happy they look!

  8. Wow that black dress is beautiful! Every time I see them together I think WOW what a great couple! They have so much ahead and I always pray for their continued happiness.

  9. Love this casual look!!! It's very relaxed and very "Her". Thanks Charlotte for such a quick first look!

  10. she looks lovely...and he looks attentive:)

  11. I also enjoy a casual look. The tour is going so well for the lovely couple. Charlotte, I have enjoyed reading your narrative of the visit. For me, your narrative is a significant part of your blog. Thank you.

  12. Beautiful couple!Meghan's fashion is normally a hit or miss for me but I have loved every single outfit she has worn on this tour so far.

  13. Pretty. She has toned it down for this tour. More down to earth.

  14. I love the casual morning look but not so much the afternoon dress. I think pleats will become Meghan's version of Kate's peter pan collars. Something Meghan likes but IMO doesn't flatter her that much. Love the gold earrings though. The important thing is that Harry and Meghan both seem to be enjoying this trip. It must be nice to get away to sunny Morocco after all the negative press at home.

    1. It will definitely be interesting watching Meghan’s fashion over the years to see if she develops certain things like pleats to Kate’s Peter Pan collars, for sure. Let’s just hope no brown socks appear. Lol

    2. Don't think we'll ever seen Meghan with brown socks. But I'm already noticing a few Meghan-isms that are akin to Kate's peter pan collars or overly lacy dresses. One is definitely the pleated dress. The other is the baggy overcoat over the dress look.

    3. I like where y'all are going with the pleats:)
      I liked the stripe shirt (she's worn them pre-Harry) and I own a pair (eBay) of the Manolos in black patent leather! They're surprisingly comfortable. Loved seeing Meghana and Harry with the horses - and of course, foodie Meghan tasting things:)
      What really stood out to me today were Meghan's comments - she's so articulate & bright/light ("kick-ass heel" - betcha she'll buy some!). Her ease in speaking is so energized compared to the usually wooden BRF. Harry also has that ease, they compliment each other well:) This had been a cool trip to watch (and learn from!). Thank you for the speedy posts, Charlotte!

  15. For the more casual look, I like everything but the boots, but I think she looks nice overall. The horses are so pretty.
    For the more dressed up look, it’s nice and she looks happy. I don’t really like the hem, but I love her earrings. It’s a nice change to have her wear more visible day jewelry.

  16. What a beautiful place Morocco is! The colorful architecture, dishes, and even the floors! Meghan looks beautiful , as usual. Now this is more the style of what I felt comfortable in while pregnant. I really like how she looks comfortable, stylish (love the boots), & her belly isnt the focal point because her shirt is fitted but not skin tight. She always looks lovely though, I just personally like this style best & think she looks great. Love the loving interaction between these two. What an inspiration to many!

  17. Wow, Meghan is a very beautiful woman. I think she would still look gorgeous in a paperbag. I love both casual and chic look. The combination of the black dress, the earrings and the pony is sensational.She has wonderful people skills and just looks like she was born to do this.

  18. The engagements really showed off the beauty of the country! Loved the focus on education of girls. Meghan is adorable. Her attire was perfect for all the occasions. She's just as cute as a button! Harry looks so handsome too. Love the light colored suit.

  19. I liked that she seems to be wearing the same striped top to visit the Chef as she's wearing in the cover of the Together book!

  20. Pretty sure that black "dress" is the Givenchy black skirt she wore at an engagement last week. Not her most flattering look.

  21. This site relates some funny banter between Meghan and Harry about whose the baby's father, plus it has a funny photo of the Queen. I loev how people are reporting that they were so kind; I'm going to have hard time during the maternity leave. :)

  22. CategoryIsPod@gmail.com25 February 2019 at 15:58

    Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks so much for your hard work on the coverage and posts. They’re so insightful and well-written. I had a question: I read somewhere that it was “improper” to photograph or record video of The Royals eating. Is this unwritten “rule” still the case?

    1. If food tasting is involved in the engagement, we do see images now. We've seen quite a few of William, Kate, Charles and Camilla in recent years.

      Thank you very much for reading :)

  23. That isn't the skirt from this appearance, re-purposed as a dress? Is it? They look so similar but maybe not.

    1. A couple of the ladies on social media who identify clothing also believe that is the case. It's been altered since, very good spot April :)

    2. An update on the dress: A reader named Jennifer got in touch to suggest a Loyd/Ford piece which is a spot on match for Meghan's. I've updated the post.

  24. After the pricey dresses she wore for arrival and at last night's reception, today appears to be Recycle Day for Meghan. She looks very happy, and considerably more rested than yesterday! I hope the rest of the day goes so well for both of them.

    And wow, Charlotte, your tour coverage is once again proving to be the press high point! Not only up quickly, but accurate as well and filled with information on a LOT more than just the fashion. Thank you for doing such a terrific job, again!

  25. Becca H in Colorado25 February 2019 at 16:42

    Meghan and Harry both look so happy on this trip. Meghan also looks super tired, but good lord, she's flown all over the world in the space of a few days. I always like her causal looks. I'm not a fan of the black Givenchy re-wear. It's just not terribly flattering at all. Harry looks amazing in those grey suits!

  26. It looks to me like when she previously wore the Givenchy pleated dress, she just had it pulled over her bump and wore it with a sweater, so it was more like a high-waisted skirt. This time, she's pulled it all the way up to wear as a dress, hence the shorter hem.

  27. A very nice mini tour. Seems like they covered a lot of ground - literally and figuratively- in a short period of time.

    I wonder if the dress she wore on the second engagement was worn as a skirt in its previous outing? I have a maxi skirt that has an wide elastic waistband that is designed to be worn as the upper part of a strapless dress. When I see Meghan in the side by side shots, I'm reminded of that dual purpose design.

  28. Forget Meghan, Harry is close to stealing the show in that light grey suit! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    1. I loved it at first but after more pics it looks wrinkly and not polished so .... redacted lol :)

  29. The thing that stands out from this little trip is that Meghan got the mixing of couture and high street right for the first time. Yes we saw Valentino and Dior but she counter balanced that with things she has worn for years and some “almost no-name” brands. Yes she had 3 outfit changes per day, but clever mix and matching meant that it really was only two outfits.
    That’s what people, well me at least have been saying the whole time. It is not that she can’t wear couture (we all know royals wear outfits that cost more than I earn in a year) but she needs to be clever going about it.
    Well done Meghan. After last week’s circus this trip made me feel a lot better about the future of the royals.

    1. Except she's consistently incorporated clothes, shoes, and accessories she's owned before marrying Harry. Plus, she's worn high end designers prior to marrying Harry. I get peplpe claim to not know how to before her relationship with Harry, but the fashion blogs are very good about identifying things she owned previously or repeat wears.

    2. I agree with you Rachel - even with Meghan's obvious eagerness to hit the ground running, this sort of stuff takes practice (and building a ballgown collection!). Well done, Meghan!
      -olivia p

    3. RaRupe74 the point I was trying to make was about mixing haute couture with high street, not so much mixing old and new. A haute couture piece is still haute couture whether it was brought 10 years ago or yesterday. Recycling is off course also great, but it is the clever mixing that caught my eye on this tour.

  30. Chuckled at the picture with cat. They are ubiquitous in Morocco. I think Meghan's wardrobe choices on this trip have been perfect!
    Love the black dress and it seems a perfect maternity look. I was just thinking that perhaps the black dress could have come with an underskirt which could be removed, and that might account for the different look of the hemline. Or the other could have been just a skirt to start with. I thought I read somewhere that the skirt that Meghan wore to the Endeavor award could be converted to something non-maternity, so Givenchy could be designing some bespoke mix/match/adaptable pieces for Meghan. I would just seem inconceivable to tinker with the hemline of a pleated skirt like that.
    I was wondering if the audience with the king would be private, although there would be some official photos?
    It's lovely to see Meghan shopping her closet. It should appease those who criticized Meghan for extravagance before she had a chance to put together a working wardrobe for official duties. Even so, she has still be a member of the royal family for less than a year, and this is her third international tour with Harry. She's a workhorse, definitely!
    Meghan seems to have a gift for languages. It's very impressive that she has been working on languages, which is really handy in the diplomatic world. And most continental royals speak more than one language. Meghan was a perfect choice for Morocco since the two European languages spoken there are Spanish and French. I hope she picks up a few Arabic words during this trip! Spanish and French will be very handy for South America, Africa, not to mention Canada.

  31. What a interesting post, thank you. The Duchess look terrific. I love the casual attire. The food tasting was a highlight for me. This was a very interesting tour. The Duchess has done well.

  32. I've liked her casual looks much more than her formal looks on this trip, love the striped top and jacket combo, such a classic look.

  33. I love both of these looks. And that pleated black dress! Great look. Happy to see larger statement earrings with this outfit.

  34. SO COOL!!! That pleated dress is gorgeous! Love it with the blazer too, Meghan blows me away every time! Even her casual look is great-those boots!!!

  35. Charlotte, “People” mag has an article showing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex meeting with the King of Morocco. I wasn’t sure you were posting. Thanks.

  36. Adore both of these looks and the engagements. I very strongly believe that sharing a meal is incredibly important to building and sustaining relationships and both seem to have fun anytime food is involved!

  37. Love the pictures with the horses, so sweet. Her casual outfit is terrific.

  38. I continue to be astounded by this royal couple. The love they have for each other is evident in every move they make. They are so attuned to each other, and are an inspiration to the world. I'm happy that it took an American to bring back style & fashion to the royal family, something we haven't seen since Diana. Meghan reminds me much of Princess Diana - in the good works that they each did/do, their fashion sense, & their hearts. I love the issues that Harry & Meghan have chosen to bring to the forefront and make their signature roles. Helping others, doing good works, and LOVE.
    This was long overdue in the royal family. All I can say is Meghan hits a home run with every single outfit she wears. She cares about & loves style/fashion and oh dear does she have an excellent sense of it! This trip has served to reinforce that even more. Harry made an excellent choice in a royal partner, and Meghan made an excellent choice in a life partner. These two are amazing. I only wish they were in line for the throne, but I also suspect that if they were, it would only restrict their vibe. They are so comfortable in their roles, and I'm hoping that this is the future of the royal family. Good vibes, good deeds, & excellent choice in fashion! Kudos to you for covering this trip. It's been amazing to watch.

    1. Well said, Nora Crane! I couldn't agree more. Katherine USA

    2. Any relation to Denny or Frasier, Nora? ;)

  39. Love the white jacket. It is sold out in all sizes!! Meghan, you look fantastic!!!!

  40. Have you seen this, Charlotte?

    1. I did thank you Gaby, I shared it on social media yesterday. It sounds like they had a great night :)


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