Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The Duchess Makes a Surprise Smart Works Visit!

The Duchess of Sussex paid a very special visit to her patronage Smart Works today for the promotional shoot for a capsule collection set to launch next month in collaboration with several British brands in support of the organisation. Sussex Royal shared a behind-the-scenes look at the events of the day :)

Following summer break, which saw the Sussexes enjoy several days in Ibiza and Nice where they stayed at the villa of Elton John with Archie, it was very much back to business for the Duchess today. Although on maternity leave, Meghan spent a good deal of the summer focused on guest-editing the September edition of Vogue and preparing for the launch of a collection of work wear pieces for her patronage.

Indeed, it was in the pages of the September issue we first learned of plans for this new project. Meghan wrote she was drawn to Smart Works because it "reframes the idea of charity as community" which she described as "incredibly important" to her. "It's the enthusiasm of the volunteers, the earnestness of the staff" and "the blushing, bashful and beautiful smile that crosses a client's face when she sees herself in the mirror" that Meghan found so profoundly compelling. Throughout her many visits to the charity, Meghan noticed the mismatched sizes and colours. To help with this, she formulated a plan: "I asked Marks & Spencer, John Lewis & Partners, Jigsaw and my friend Misha Nonoo to design a capsule collection for a work wear wardrobe." During the inception of the project, the companies involved agreed to adopt the "one-for-one model" whereby each time a piece is purchased, one is donated to charity. Meghan added: "Not only does this allow us to be part of each other's story, it reminds us we are in it together."

The sneak-peek features fabulous footage of what undoubtedly looked like a fantastic day filled with hugs, smiles and plenty of laughs. I absolutely love the fact the promotional video was filmed at Smart Works; I expect several clients will feature in the video, modelling the collection of work wear.

Sussex Royal stated it's "an initiative supporting the Smart Works collective which will equip women entering the workforce with the key work wear essentials they need".

More from Harper's Bazaar:

'"Meghan surprised everyone at Smart Works when she showed up for the shoot," which took place today in London, a source tells'

Last month, Smart Works CEO Kate Stephens said: "I had to regram these images from Sussex Royal because they capture so beautifully how the Duchess interacts with everyone she meets at Smart Works - images full of kindness, inspiration, empathy, energy, ideas and joy. It is no coincidence that we are helping more women than ever before and today is the last day of our busiest ever month. That is how we judge our success and I am so proud of everyone for making this happen."

Many of you will recognise the song in the video - it's Bill Withers' classic 'Lovely Day'.

UPDATE: With thanks to Caroline Parr, Meghan's Fashion and What Meghan Wore, it turns out Meghan's shirt is by British brand With Nothing Underneath. The Duchess wore the £85 classic sky blue and white stripe shirt.

More on the brand:

'Launched in 2017, With Nothing Underneath was founded by Pip Durell, a former British Vogue stylist and Tatler Editor. 
WNU was created to make the perfect everyday boyfriend shirt. Designed in London, inspired by men's tailoring adjusted for women; WNU offers an affordable boyfriend shirt - a casual luxury with scrupulous detail using the highest quality materials. 
Made with 100% poplin cotton, the focus was to make a sustainable wardrobe essential that will stand the test of time - moving away from throw away fashion, withstanding trends and generations. 
Inspired by icons like Carolyn Bessette and Charlotte Rampling; With Nothing Underneath is a shirt to live in, work in, dine in, sleep in, with or without thought, or anything underneath.'

The Duchess accessorised with her WWAKE Three Stone Opal Cuff which she debuted during the tour last year.

It appears Meghan wore her Stuart Weitzman Legend pumps.

As we saw with the Hubb Community Kitchen Together cookbook and her involvement with British Vogue, Meghan is there every step of the way when she's committed to a project. This is another excellent idea by the Duchess and one of many efforts we'll see on behalf of her patronages. I'm incredibly excited to see the launch of the collection next month. Judging from the video shared, Meghan and the ladies from Smart Works are too :)


  1. Shantel (@FashionandFaith)21 August 2019 at 21:38

    I just have to say it again: I am so incredibly proud of Meghan! She stays above the fray, ignores the noise, and works hard to make good things happen for others. She continues to rise. She continues to stun. She continues to be the woman she was raised to be. I’m in awe. I am proud. I am inspired.
    Thanks, Charlotte!
    Minnesota, USA

    1. Totally, Shantel. Love this surprise video! Thank you for the quick post Charlotte:)

    2. I agree, Shantel. I'm so happy Meghan ignores the noise and goes about doing what she can to further her patronages. She is inspiring. (BTW, I was raised in Minnesota, too. (smile))


    3. Me too. She’s a special woman. Britain is so lucky she fell in love with Harry, and decided that was worth the challenges of all that life entails, plus bias and envy. Bless her.

  2. Nice summary. A lovely surprise to see Duchess Meghan! She’s such a joyful person & I love how hands on she is with her projects. I think it’s a terrific quality that she shares with her husband. I’m looking forward to more details about this project & supporting it when the capsule collection is released.


  3. This is such a wonderful surprise! I love how involved she is every step of the way!And she looks beautiful! love the outfit too!

  4. I am happy to see The Duchess of Sussex supporting her patronages - hands-on.

  5. Love it!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Dear Charlotte
    Wow! Thank you for sharing so much goodness.
    Meghan is my role model. I never cared for royalty,
    but Meghan .... I love her hands-on, selfless, down to earth work. She’s so real, and really original.
    She leaves me stuttering. Wow. Wow!

  7. What a treat! The clothes initiative seems just brilliant -- everyone wins. The designers, the store, the customers, and of course the ladies who need the appropriate clothes. I can't wait to see the line.

    And I remember discovering The Tig when news came out about Meghan, and I was enchanted. First, her every=present smile was just lovely. And her posts were interesting and inclusive. Seems like everyone who meets her likes her. I love people who have a sense of humor and hers appears to be great. And I love that she can just drop in and join the group so easily. Thanks, Charlotte!

  8. Wonderful, just wonderful! It's obvious that Meghan is happy and ready to work (even more). I'm sure we'll see her in the great to know that some other woman looking for work will get to wear a new outfit too. All this important stuff and she looks fantastic as well.

  9. Meghan's energy can be felt through the video. I have watched it several times as it makes me happy to see her delight in her work and what she is trying to accomplish for others. Her total involvement in her projects really goes a long way. Maternity leave has kept our Meghan very very busy. I'm sure we have all noticed that she is looking truly fabulous!!!

  10. Ni ole crom france22 August 2019 at 07:19

    Such a lovely surprise, thank you Charlotte, I really was missing Meghan ! Whatt a hands on royal she is , maybe the first of the kind (except for Prince Charles, as far as I know) , she manages to stay true to herself while her situation has completely changed,
    Fresh air in the BRF ... must make a lot of people feel good in those difficult times for UK .

  11. My role model and one of the most inspiring people of our time. Totally agree with the comments before.

  12. WONDERFUL!!! Thank you, Charlotte for keeping us informed. Awesome!

  13. Damn she looks good!. I love the fact that she is doing good and enjoying herself

  14. Great visit! Reminds me of how much I've missed seeing Meghan out and about. I love her shirt and skinny Jean's look.

  15. I am missing her messy bun a lot, but my favorite hair style is when she just wears it long. I don't like slicked back hair on anyone, and she has such pretty hair!

  16. I am wondering how it will work for the job seekers. Certain fashionable work attire will be donated because people bought the same items. Will everyone leave looking smart, but wearing identical clothes? Are the donated items to be identical to what was purchased? Including size and colors? How will this improve the style and size range for the inventory for clothing receiving clients? I am just wondering how the purchases will be translated into real people sizes and needs. Surely not all of the women needing work are headed for posh offices. I am picturing them all walking out in dark suits and dresses and white shirts with the top buttons open just so... I am curious about the price points, etc. but maybe when it’s rolled out my questions will be answered. It is an interesting effort.

    1. Anonymous 15:42. You raise some very valid points. To do this in a way that would work best, purchases should result in a gift voucher, so that the recipients can make purchases that suit their size and style preferences. If identical items are donated, their use would certainly have limitations.

    2. I was thinking about this, Anon 15:42. Currently, most clothes are probably donated by women with higher incomes. That translates into smaller sizes, speaking generally. And perhaps more patterns than solid colors. Think about what Meghan and Kate could donate. Beautiful things but perhaps not always helpful. So far, I'm seeing simple clothes, like a white long-sleeved shirt and a black dress that could have a sweater or a scarf or a belt added for variety. I doubt they will be so unusual that they will stand out. I think an important aspect will be sizes to fit every woman who comes in to Smart Works. I don't think the clothes will be posh. Perhaps they will have clean lines, be of good-quality material, be flattering, be well made, and be able to present the job seeker in a favorable light. Think of all the blue suits that women wear to work!

    3. I read that Smart Works wants to help 3500 women this year across the UK, which has a population of 66 million, making these women one in every 188,000. I think a simple pair of nice navy slacks probably already appears more frequently than this. Smart Works says the clothes are to build up their self-esteem and to see them through until their first paycheck. If every woman received the same dark slacks, white shirt, dark suit, and dark dress, they could start adding inexpensive items one at a time, while maintaining a useful core wardrobe that, hopefully, will last for some time.

      It just is such a brilliantly simple idea, like the cookbook. It doesn't rely on grants from charities, and it gives everyone involved something tangible, like people who buy the clothes.

    4. This is not a new plan of action in buy one donate one for charitable initiatives. Fortunately, the are offered all the time in different areas from food, school supplies, clothing, special services (beauty ie hair) etc. There is always a set payment procedure to acquire exactly what will work completely to the benefit of the recipient making everyone very happy and grateful on both ends. No one will be gifted inappropriate fashion items. This form of charity work has proven very successful for a very long time and considering it was Meghan's plan she was well aware of the success of these type programs. She would not suggest something on this level that she did not know has a serious level of success in my opinion. You Go Girl!

    5. Alison, you've expressed it perfectly. Classic timeless pieces that can be changed up with accessories are the key. Meghan is the perfect one to work with designers to get this. She knows the designers and she knows The clientele. Win-win!

  17. oh la la how happy this video
    I liked everything music image : see
    Meghan smile and his outfit but I want more can't wait this fall and bravo duchess

  18. Wow! What a wonderful anti-dote to the gutterly misleading clickbait headlines which seem to be on the rise and the vitriol more intense. Avoiding the grossest ones, of course, I occasionally sample one or two in order to stay on top of the what's really going on. The texts are full of innuendo and so-called sources couching actual accusations in "may have" or "might" and "seems that".

    For example: A recent headline which read "Meghan is Furious" had nothing to do with her at all. Rather, it was the palace which came down on an advertiser who was using images of Meghan to suggest that she had endorsed the product and was being paid to promote it. That's fraudulent advertising, but the headlines do not read: Buckingham Palace Warns Company for Wrongful Use of Meghan's Image. Oh no. That's too lame.

    Instead, it suits the press to use misleading (and racially charged) headlines to cast Meghan as an angry black woman, one they trash for any number of their prejudices against her.

    How lovely it is to see her in a matter of months accomplish so much--Together, British Vogue, and now Smart Works--with genuine, uplifting and inspiring action which benefits other women directly. While having a wedding, her first major tour, the rest of her causes, and her first baby as well as the annual occasions when she stands with the rest of the family in order to serve the country of which she's not yet a citizen.

    Thank you again and again, Charlotte, for creating this forum to highlight the causes, accomplishments and fashion of this remarkable, inspiring woman. Bless her! And bless you, Charlotte.

    1. Philly, I am at the point where I don't care what M&H do. I hate this picking and second-guessing their personal actions. I don't care if they charter a cruise ship to take them on vacation! I love what they do to help others, I love looking at Meghan's fashions, andI love their personalities. That's it. If they want to hire three cruise ships to take them 100 miles, I just don't care. :)

    2. Allison, totally agree. If Elton John wants to care for them, so be it. I think Meghan has a lot to offer in her role and I hope she can rise above the noise. Great post!

    3. Allison, Cynthia & Unknown, I concur. That said, many years ago a very wise woman spoke at a conference I attended. She lamented the vitriolic and poisonous discourse on social media and encouraged the audience to be a voice of reason and compassion on those platforms on which they engaged. Ever since, that's what I have done. I've spoken out against the naysayers and the haters and the bullies on various media platforms as respectfully as possible.

      Though I hope that they might, I don't know that Meghan and Harry will always be able to rise above the filthy noise. I'd prefer to chime in with a little countering noise--something like music--of my own.

    4. The point is that Harry shouldn't make speeches about climate change and then take private jets. He should have known better, known how it would play out, and turned down Elton John's offer. It is too bad that their actions that are seen in a negative light take away from the good they are trying to accomplish. People, and I assume the British in particular, like and approve of the Royal Family, but want them to behave like Royalty and not like celebrities. And the problem too is this: I really believe that Harry and Meghan have different concepts of how much privacy vs. public attention they're willing to accept. I think that Harry is innately private and has wanted to maintain privacy but recognizes that in his position he can do good so tries to rise above it to accomplish those goals. But then has his child and it sends him right back into that hole where he wants to hide his family away from the world. Completely understandable, and I imagine that it's a real challenge for him to deal with. Then you have Meghan who as an actress is used to, has seeked and enjoys attention. And also wants to use that spotlight to do good in the world. And really is the perfect person to be his wife because she can deal with the attention and even the criticism that sometimes comes with it. I think she is comfortable with the attention in a way that Harry is not. She is kind of between a rock and a hard place. So the result is that Meghan is being criticized for things that I really think are mostly Harry's doing and not hers.

    5. Becca H in Colorado23 August 2019 at 20:58

      I disagree with you, Pam. While I agree that the optics were bad, the truth is that all the members of the RF have taken private jets, even Prince Charles who has talked about climate change. The truth is that the press and those of the public that don't like H&M tear them down for every single thing they do or don't do. Had they flown commercial, they would've been criticized for even taking a vacation. They can't win. The truth is, H&M have become a whipping boy for these so-called journalists while their incredible work ethic goes uncredited. Where is the coverage about Epstein and Andrew? Because that's actually a problem that needs to be addressed.

    6. Philly and all - I agree. These 2 have hearts of gold and so much to offer. Much praise to both of them.

      I think what Pam and others have eluded to is that Harry and Meghan appear to gravitate to "extremes" whereas others in the BRF do not. Harry has always been that way. That is going to be difficult and probably frustrating to manage given their roles. They would be wise to soften the edges and operate more (dare I suggest) mainstream royal?

    7. I agree that H&M have become the whipping boy for the media, which is even more reason that they have to watch carefully what they do. I understand Harry wanted the privacy of a private jet to protect his son; I understand that the cost of the renovations at Frogmore was not their fault. After all, they don't control the purse strings. Someone (the Queen I assume) had to approve of the expense. But the media is using these things against them. So when they make bad decisions (sitting alone at Wimbledon, etc), they're only making things worse for themselves. They have to be more aware of how their actions are being perceived, considering there is so much attention on them right now.

    8. Honestly Pam, nothing they do to “remedy” the media situation would make a difference. They would be under fire either way. The press is out for blood.

    9. Susan in Florida27 August 2019 at 00:28

      All the people who talk about climate change take jets. I’m not bothered by this. They are entitled to privacy with their infant when they travel.

    10. Nicole from france27 August 2019 at 13:59

      Really really ....private jet vs helicopters ....! W and K use quite often a helicopter between London and Anmer Hall , for instance ! Even the Queen sometimes flies on board of an helicopter ....
      the thing is , in my mind, we have to compare what they do and what they achieve , just as people who complain about the cost of the royal family to British tax payers do not speak of how much money that family gets from donators for all the charities they support, the said charities giving back the money in different ways to British people in need ... I know climate change is definitely a huge problem ,that we all do our bit against it , but could’we Compare the private jet and the awareness they rise in people’s mind about it ? Surely the benefit is largely on the awareness side ! And as some of you said, M and H so privacy is at risk each time they show up,out Frogmore cottage , so ....

  19. Waiting to see the collection with great anticipation. I wonder if all the retailers will get the same pieces, or similar pieces, or different pieces of the collection altogether. As another reader has said, we'll know soon enough! I remember Meghan's Reitman's capsules, and I believe they sold out. They were affordable and appealing pieces. It's becoming clear how very focussed Meghan is on her particular issues- one of them being female empowerment which she can tackle both with SmartWorks and her Commonwealth patronage with the universities. Look forward to see what she will do WITH and FOR her other patronages. It's interesting to note that in the charities or causes that she and Harry are involved with, their actions and ideas have both an immediate as well as long-term impacts. Meghan is looking vibrant and healthy, and seems to be back to her normal figure. Love and share her love of a good tailored shirt!

  20. Thanks, Charlotte for the Bill Withers video. I am familiar with his work.

  21. So what you are telling us is that no one in the organization knew she was coming... but Meghan knew there would be cameras there? And her contribution was to give hugs? And then create a powerpoint with music starring herself about giving hugs for her instagram?

    I think that is what you are telling us.

    1. Actually, I think shes telling us that the staff didnt know she was coming to avoid word leaking, but someone certainly knew. And they are making a promotional video for the capsule collection and Meghan is showing support for it. Do you think she should have sent a letter instead?

    2. It was a photoshoot as bluehare points out. There would be cameras there. Without being present it's impossible to know what her specific contribution was beyond hugs (the benefit of which I would not disparage whether they come from a duchess or not.) I would suggest that good PR and Meghan's personal interest in and support of the project which she initiated might also be reasons to appear.

      Of course, the moment is going on instagram--with or without Meghan's presence at the shoot--which is not HER account but Sussex Royal platform.

      The whole capsule collection initiative on behalf of Smart Works flops if people don't buy the clothing line. To sell or persuade people to make donations in today's world, things must be hyped. Even charities must engage this way. Does anyone think the charities highlighted monthly on Sussex Royal would have seen a huge influx of much needed money needed to run their programs?

    3. Trying to figure out what she did wrong THIS time. :) Aside from the media trying to sell papers by selling lies and hate in general, I finally realize that we think we know way more than we actually do when we analyze their actions. Maybe there was a reason that Meghan needed a stress-free vacation away from prying eyes. Quotes from people flying with Kate's family a few days again revealed that the other passengers really didn't know who was on board and they certainly didn't make a fuss over it. At this moment in time, I don't think that Meghan and Archie would receive the same treatment. Should we analyze why Kate and family flew budget rather than a private means? No, because it's not important. Maybe they reserved ahead of the flight. Maybe Charles made them. Maybe they don't care what people say -- which is good for them!

      I am just tired of a hurricane of opinions and theories and warnings and opinions being floated when Meghan (or Kate) steps to the left or to the right. I'm sure Meghan knew that the shoot was occurring. She may have told someone that she might come, maybe not. Whatever -- the publicity of a surprise is more fun than a scheduled visit.
      Publicity makes the items to be sold more interesting and anticipated, which is the ultimate point.

    4. Becca H in Colorado23 August 2019 at 20:53

      The Instagram stories showed more than just Meghan giving out hugs. Of course she contributed more than that. Are you actually serious? And of course it's going to get promoted on the Sussex Royal Instagram. They have millions of followers. The more eyes on the project, the bigger the impact will be.

    5. I recently commented above and it did not appear under my name. Is that a slip up or has something changed in making comments. Any info appreciated, thank you

    6. Hello USA Granny,

      There's been no changes, although my husband was working on the site over the weekend, and there may have been glitches/delays. My apologies if that was the case with your comment.

  22. nice to see this lovely post Charlotte. im so tired of hearing piers morgan and the haters calling meghan and harry hypocrites for using private jets

  23. Headlines, as we all know, can be misleading. It said that SmartWorks did not know Meghan was going to be at the photo shoot. That doesn't mean that the people doing the photo shoot didn't know. And if it's a photo shoot, of course there would be cameras there. I would infer that Meghan showed up to support and oversee the project in keeping with her hands on approach to things. I think the video was placed for a short time on instagram to give royal watchers an update, and it's also a smart marketing move to create anticipation. All this is to help the collection to help her charity. There seems to be the perception out in the universe (not here, thank goodness) that Meghan makes everything about herself. It is however, her position, her energy, and her participation that gets projects off the ground. However she has been involved, has materially benefitted her charities. Consider her appearances at the pet charity, and SmartWorks, and her joining the women at the Hub. There is proof that Meghan's charities grow and expand their reach by her drawing attention to them.

  24. I am kinda excited about the clothes line -- because there is a chance that I would buy some. :) I imagine black and navy are givens, but I wonder if there will be anything a bit zingy?

  25. Becca H in Colorado23 August 2019 at 21:27

    Thank goodness for your blog, Charlotte, because royal watching anywhere else has become way too stressful and upsetting.

    Meghan and Harry have amazing work ethic and very obviously care about people and about their charities/projects. Meghan has been true to her word and has been going full speed with her royal duties ever since the wedding. She's been making a real difference. Is any of that highlighted or praised, or heck, even covered anywhere in the press? No. It's been non-stop abuse pretty much since day one.

    Meghan and Harry aren't perfect -- nobody is. Did the optics of their Nice vacation look bad? Yes. Would they have been criticized no matter what mode of transportation they took and no matter where they went on vacation? Yes. Meghan has been downright bullied for what she wears or doesn't wear, how she does her hair, her facial expressions, her body language, her family, her choices regarding her family (even though that's none of our business), her projects, her friendships, her background, showing up to an engagement or not showing up to an engagement, the way she handled her pregnancy and the way she holds her own baby, not to mention being endlessly compared to other royals and actually being accused of faking her own pregnancy. She's ridiculed by some for having been an actress and by others for not being a popular enough actress before marrying Harry. Yet, had she been Hollywood's most sought-after actress she would've garnered endless criticism for that, as well. In spite of it all, though, Meghan continues to show up and work hard. She's not grasping for attention, she's out there getting important work done and trying to promote the charities and projects she believes in. And the woman is only in her 2nd year of being a royal, FFS! Even if one doesn't like her, for whatever reason, one cannot deny the good work she has and is doing! I'm just so sick of this abhorrent smear campaign. Enough is enough.

    So thanks for all of your posts, Charlotte. Feel free not to publish this if you think it's too much. I just wish more would acknowledge the good things Meghan and Harry are doing instead of finding ridiculous reasons to beat them down. I'm excited to see this capsule collection and am glad we got a glimpse of Meghan. She still looks happy and healthy and I think this is a really worthwhile project!

    1. Anne-Sophie de Paris23 August 2019 at 23:26

      Becca H
      Je partage entièrement votre analyse
      Si vous êtes sur Facebook ou Instangram faites le savoir aux autres pour neutraliser les fake news orchestrés par la presse populaire britannique.
      Meghan est une source d'inspiration travailleuse acharnée. Harry a toujours été lui même très mal à l'aise au sein de la monarchie.
      Nous avons besoin des anciens comme de la nouvelle génération on ne peut pas demander par contre à Meghan de gommer son identité.les "limites " fusent en ce moment.
      Autre chose :
      c'est Harry qui fait le" black out "autour de sa famille à cause de son passé et c'est Meghan qui est traitée de tous les noms.
      je leur souhaite une meilleure année scolaire 2018-2019.
      La naissance de baby Archie n'a malheureusement pas enlevé les animosités les concernant.
      Bien à vous Becca H

  26. Anne-Sophie de Paris23 August 2019 at 23:10

    Merci Charlotte pour ce nouveau chapitre !
    La semaine dernière a été très dure et votre blog m'a manqué.
    Je demande à tous les soutiens des Sussex et surtout de Meghan à se serrer les coudes. Tout ce que les tabloïds veulent c'est de la mettre à terre pour avoir osé épouser Harry.
    Toutes les actions menées sont mises aux orties. Tout ce qui va de travers est mis sur le compte de Meghan. De grâce, elle n'est pas parfaite mais participe au bonheur de son mari et plusieurs associations sont heureuses de l'avoir comme marraine.
    Juste pour ceux qui la critique parce qu'elle aime la caméra. Hub n'existerait pas où n'aurait pas le même succès sans Meghan.
    Elle est aussi adulée que détestée. Vogue de septembre sans Meghan comme rédactrice en chef aurait-elle eu le même succès ? J'en doute !
    Meghan disait bien avant son mariage qu'elle se servait de sa célébrité pour défendre les causes qui lui tiennent à coeur. C'est ce côté altruiste qui a entre autres séduit le prince Harry.
    Je dirai que les deux font la paire .
    Capsule Smart collection sans la présence de Meghan sur le tournage n'aurait jamais le même impact. Arrêtons de chercher les petites bêtes et souhaitons une bonne chance à ce projet et à d'autres à venir pour le bien-être de toutes ces associations.
    Anne Sophie
    Le jet privé des Sussex est de loin moins grave que la situation d'un certain prince dont je tairai le nom par politesse.
    Ils prennent tous des jets privés..dans la monarchie britannique. Ils ne sont pas les premiers

  27. Anne-Sophie de Paris24 August 2019 at 22:37

    Bonsoir Charlotte,
    Je dois avoir un problème de clavier ou autre chose car quand je relis mes publications, les phrases sont hachées et déformées malheureusement, elles n'expriment plus le même sens Dommage !
    Mes écrits deviennent incompréhensibles.
    Merci Charlotte de m'éclairer

  28. Susan In Florida27 August 2019 at 00:31

    I hope there are pieces in the collection we can all afford and enjoy having in our own wardrobes !


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