Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A Moving Night as the Sussexes Attend the WellChild Awards

It was an emotional night for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the WellChild Awards at the Royal Lancaster Hotel.

There are royal engagements and then there are royal engagements like the WellChild Awards. It's one of the highlights of the calendar every year, and WellChild is a charity that has truly touched Harry's, and now Meghan's, hearts. Harry has been moved by the "inspirational" children and young people he's met since he became Patron in 2007.

The WellChild Awards celebrate the inspiring qualities of some of the country’s seriously ill young people and the dedication of those who go the extra mile to keep children healthy and happy, including the outstanding health, social care and education professionals. The Awards play a huge part in highlighting what these families need, and the support that is desperately needed to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Harry and Meghan joined guests for a pre-ceremony reception where they met the young winners of each award category and their families, and the nominated healthcare professionals.

Talk quickly turned to Archie, with Meghan revealing she took her son to his very first playgroup in Windsor earlier today. Emily Nash reported: 'Harry and Meghan were chatting to Milly Sutherland, 11, and her mother Angela. Angela said: "She took him to one of these baby classes today and she said they had loads of fun together. She said it was really good fun." There was plenty of laughter as the couple joined the mum and daughter, and Milly pulled a strand of her red hair, telling the Duke: "Snap". Harry giggled and asked: "Can I borrow some?" When asked if Archie has red hair, Meghan and Harry said he definitely has "you can see it in his eyebrows". '

Embed from Getty Images

'Milly received WellChild’s Most Caring Child Award for having cared for and protected her sister Sophie, who had Aicardi Syndrome and tragically passed away in 2018.
“It’s quite emotional because we lost my daughter last year,” Angela said of meeting the couple. “Milly has spent most of her life massively missing out and it’s all about her now.”
Milly also told Harry she was appearing in a pantomime production of Aladdin and told him, “You could be the genie. I’ll paint you blue.” Harry replied, “So I’ll be blue with ginger hair – that’ll look nice!'

Harry and Meghan both wore wristbands designed by Jack and Freya, who have been supported by the charity.

A closer look at the wristbands. 

Harry and Meghan with Lyla Rose, winner of one of the Most Inspirational Child awards. WellChild shared the following on this amazing little girl. "Six year-old Lyla-Rose from Durham has undergone multiple surgeries for a life threatening brain tumour. Her ongoing condition leaves her with extreme fatigue at times and limits the activities she can partake in. Despite long stays in hospital which have interrupted normal life, she has shown much care and consideration for others. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word to say. As well as fundraising for local charities, Lyla-Rose, along with her sister Lilley, has created a Facebook page called Lyla and Lilley’s Stars which gives out certificates to celebrate other children coping bravely with illness and treatments. Lyla-Rose inspires everyone to look at the positives in their lives."

Another very worthy winner, Dexter. WellChild said: "Dexter is a shy six year-old from Devon who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2018. He has blossomed over the course of his treatment and hasn’t complained once. In the first week of diagnosis Dexter drew a picture of himself with his sister under a rainbow and gave himself no hair after hearing discussions about side effects. This was then made into a t-shirt design and was sold in its hundreds raising a significant amount of money for charity."

A high five for Oakley Orange. Reading the background on all the children awarded is honestly very humbling. Despite being faced with some of life's worst challenges, they prevail with positivity and a determination to help others.

William Jones told the couple about caring for his younger brother James who has complex medical needs and an undiagnosed genetic disease. When James is in hospital Will visits every night.

Harry and Meghan with representatives from the organisations.

They also met several sponsors.

Meghan was excited to see what was inside...

...a gift for Archie.

More from Town & Country:

'Mother of award-winner Emmie, Eve spoke about her experience speaking with the royals, sharing that the Sussexes “were really nice and really down to earth.”
She added, “I come from a mixed race family, so for me, Meghan makes a difference to my world because she’s somebody who looks like me who’s married into the royal family...I guess for my child it’s somebody as a role model and inspiration for her that she’s a strong, mixed race woman who is part of the establishment. When I was growing up that didn’t exist.”

A hug for the Duchess from a member of the local school choir who performed.

As Harry addressed the audience, he was visibly emotional as he discussed becoming a parent and attending the awards last year knowing Meghan was expecting: "Last year when my wife and I attended we knew we were expecting our first child - no one else did at the time, but we did - and I remember squeezing Meghan’s hand so tight during the awards - both of us thinking what it would be like to be parents one day and more so, what it would be like to do everything we could to protect and help our child should they be born with immediate challenges or become unwell over time. And now, as parents, being here and speaking to all of you pulls at my heart strings in a way I could have never understood until I had a child of my own." As I watched the video I teared up and I imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Harry spoke from his heart; in his words we heard what becoming a parent has meant to him and how deeply he cares for WellChild. It's a testament to his devotion to both his family and the charity that he was so moved tonight.

The Duke and Duchess at the awards last year.

Harry and Meghan with winner William Magee.

Earlier on, William gave the couple an 'Anyone Can Be A Hero' babygro for Archie.

A group photo with the winners.

It was a beautiful night, packed with courageous and heartbreaking stories. As each year goes by, it's wonderful to see more well-known faces attending and coming on board to support these outstanding young people. 

The Duchess brought back several pieces for the evening. Most notably, it was a lovely surprise to see her P.A.R.O.S.H. engagement dress again. We didn't see the piece in its entirety as Meghan wore a coat for the photocall. It's a beautiful piece and a classic staple style for engagements.

The fitted wool dress features a round neck, a sleeveless design, a fitted silhouette, a bow detail and a straight hem. 

Meghan wore the Sentaler Long Wide Collar Wrap coat she debuted for Christmas Day 2017 over her shoulders.

The piece is described: "This long wrap coat has the SENTALER signature wide collar that works in harmony with the longer length. The fit and flare vented hem keeps the femme feel of a sophisticated classic that will be worn season after season."

Meghan's gorgeous new bag is the Montunas Tortoiseshell Scarf bag (with thanks to UFO No More).

And her Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in cognac.

Meghan accessorised wtih a pair of Hera Gold and Diamond Studs by UK jeweller Emily Mortimer.

If you would like to consider donating to WellChild please click here.


  1. Anne-Sophie de Paris15 October 2019 at 17:32

    Bonjour Charlotte,
    J'attends avec impatience l'article au complet.
    Merci d'être sur les deux fronts au Pakistan pour les Cambridge et en Grande -Bretagne pour les Sussex.

  2. Oh yay I, so glad to see her back and in this gorgeous ensemble! Love that color, the coat and that wonderful bag. Meghan seriously has an incredible eye for accessories and classic elegance!

  3. I love Meghan's fuller hair. And the shoes are exquisite. It is good to see a repeated coat. The dress is a no-no for me though. Bringing back THE dress seems odd to me, plus it doesn't seem to fit her body properly. I love the color palette though, it is very nice and autumnal. These colors suit Meghan well.

    1. Anne-Sophie de Paris15 October 2019 at 18:21

      Quant à moi ,je trouve que la forme de la robe va à merveille avec son nouveau corps et ses "petites rondeurs "post -partum.
      Quel couple lumineux qui transperce l'écran !
      On sent un amour sans faille.
      L'air de nous dire " à " deux nous sommes unis plus que jamais contre tous".
      Très beau couple moderne en phase avec son temps.
      Meghan est plus jamais très lumineuse.

    2. Agree with you Anon 17:50, the color palette is great, but the dress does not fit her new curves well, IMO. Love the coat, but not a fan of the draped over the shoulders look. Her hair is lovely as are her accessories.

    3. Anne-Sophie, I agree that Meghan's "new figure" looks terrific in this dress!

    4. Love her curves, especially in this dress but really in everything.

    5. Becca H in Colorado16 October 2019 at 16:29

      I disagree. I think Meghan looks healthy and fills out the dress nicely. It doesn't look too tight or uncomfortable on her.

    6. Caroline in Montana16 October 2019 at 22:01

      I agree with you Anon 17:50 - this dress is way to tight on her, not flattering. great color on her and love her accessories.

  4. Replies
    1. Harry has such a big heart. He must be a wonderful father, husband, and man. I wish them both peace and happiness.

  5. They look wonderful! Wearing the beautiful coat like this shows the shimmery lining and actually adds to the effect! The bag is really cool -- years ago, one would often wear a scarf tied to your bag. And her hair is really gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the event unfold.

    1. I still wear scarves tied to bags, because I've always liked the look, though this effect is different -- the scarf is wrapped around the handle.

  6. All 4 busy today! We are so lucky. She looks lovely

    1. Yes, the royals are out in force today!! The Queen, Camilla, Sophie, William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan! It's a field day for royal watchers!!

  7. Would be better if he wore a coordinating tie.

  8. I must have this handbag!!! Seriously though, Meghan looks stunning tonight, the color of the dress is perfect and the shoes really make this outfit pop!

  9. Gosh...she's gorgeous!

  10. For me, this is Meghan's "I'm back" moment. She looks incredible. Good for her. They are a smashing couple.

  11. Ah YAY!!! I was hoping we'd see this dress again! Love love LOVE her hair down like this. It's stunning! And THE BAG! She's a knockout!

  12. It’s great to see Meghan and Harry back together again at WellChild, a very worthy cause that they have helped shine a light on. They both interact so well with the children and the staff look happy to see them. Meghan especially looks radiant. I love that she has brought the beautiful green PAROSH dress out again and isn’t afraid to show her lovely post-baby figure. She’s sending out a great message that women don’t need to rush to snap back to their pre-pregnancy body, despite all the pressure. Her hair looks gorgeous too, the side-parted, loose glossy waves are a great style for her. The whole look is a hit for me.

  13. OMG! She looks Stunning. Sooo beautiful 😍

  14. Beautiful couple. The Duchess of Sussex’s hair has really grown since the birth of Archie. It’s pretty. Looking forward to the full post. Thank you, Charlotte.

  15. I disagree about the fit of the dress -- I think it looks better post-baby with the curves. I also like the fall combo with the shoes. I will never like Meghan's love of capes or coats that drape her shoulder that way -- it's like Kate and her love of Peter Pan collars. Her thing, not mine. But the way her dress fits her post-baby is definitely great. Pre-baby I often thought she was very curvy up top but not so much on the bottom. Now she's more hour-glassed shape and it looks amazing.


    1. Ivy Lin -- I agree! And even prettier in video.

    2. Agree as well. The dress looks lovely, the color and the fit.

  16. Anne-Sophie de Paris15 October 2019 at 22:41

    Je viens d'assister au discours du prince Harry, c'est très émouvant quand il parlait de sa femme et de son fils.Il n'avait pas su cacher ses émotions.
    C'est un "grand être sensible ".
    Harry vous êtes un prince au grand coeur.
    Le monde a besoin des hommes comme vous.

    1. Zora from Prague16 October 2019 at 09:32

      Yes, Anne-Sophie! The world needs open and sensitive men who are brave enough to show what is in their hearts. Harry's "weak" moment was a strong moment of truth and many people will love him more for it because they can relate to him.

  17. I don't think I'm ever going to like the no-arms-in-coat-sleeves look. They both look great, though.

    1. I love the look, quite dashing and chic -- straight out of Vogue or Harper's. And I wear coats that way sometimes if I think I might be facing a chill later in the day or evening but it's just a touch too warm to put my coat on.

    2. Anne-Sophie de Paris16 October 2019 at 21:00

      Complètement d'accord avec vous Vittoria !
      Par le biais du travail de mon mari nous assistons à beaucoup de congrès en France et
      à l'étranger. Nous recevons également de personnes d'un certain niveau social.
      Je peux vous assurer que porter le manteau sur les épaules comme le fait Meghan est chic et très distingué. Meghan a l'art et la manière de porter les choses sans efforts.
      Faites lui confiance car nos propres critères ne sont en aucun cas forcément des références absolues.
      Tout est relatif !
      Personnellement elle s'y connaît pas mal.
      Au niveau de la monarchie elle reste une source de modernité certaine .
      Elle n'a pas le look de la royale du siècle dernier.
      Merci Charlotte pour votre travail sans relâche.
      Anne- Sophie

  18. Do you think Kate and Meghan planned to both wear green tonight. When Kate and Meghan did solo engagements on the same day back in November they both wore red outfits and back when William and Kate were on their Scandinavia tour both Kate and Meghan wore outfits by Alexander McQueen on the same day. All of these instances don’t sound like coincidences to me, I think Meghan and Kate plan this sometimes, and if it’s true I think it’s very sweet.

    1. If it's planned I wonder if it's both a subtle show of solidarity with each other &/or an agreed upon way to say "We are in this together & are not going to feed into anyone either comparing us to one another or to have our fashion choices today detract from the importance of our work"!? (just my 2 cents)

  19. Beautiful couple. I watched the speech that Harry made about their baby and children and how he teared up it and it brought tears to my eyes what a lovely couple! They have been through so much, I love Meghan's bag and look today thanks charlotte

  20. Amazing event. Thank you Charlotte and team for keeping up with both sets. Meghan looks so good....dress hugs in all the right places

  21. I love the WellChild Charity & Awards. The awards are always an inspirational event and this year even more. All of the caregivers, volunteers and children are incredibly amazing and I wish them all the best! I was already emotional listening to all of the stories and full crying watching & listening to Prince Harry’s heartfelt speech. I can’t help but think about the horrid press treatment Harry & Meghan have received, that many were so evil to bully a pregnant woman without care for her wellbeing or her baby. I’m grateful that Harry & Meghan were able to triumph over the abuse, they’re a wonderful couple. I wish the Sussexes and others in similar circumstances continued health and strength.


  22. Tammy from California16 October 2019 at 00:56

    Love Meg’s look today! Meghan and her sister-in-law in unity with the royal green looks today. Loved them both!

  23. I am putting together's Harry emotional state -- worried when Meghan became pregnant, worried about her during pregnancy, worried about her and Archie after he was born. I believe he was worried that the stress might harm her. And the viciousness of the media during that time (and now, too, of course). It's a wonder that all he is doing is suing. I think it is his business to decide to sue and don't think anyone in the media has a right to judge that.

    I remember a quote from him when Kate was pregnant with George about how he hoped she would be allowed to have a healthy and peaceful pregnancy (paraphrasing).

  24. i love the duke is speech made me cry i love the duchess wearing she looks fantastic

  25. What a lovely charity it was hard to not get emotional with Harry's speech I think all parents feel the same and count my blessings to have healthy and well children and it is so wonderful these charities exist but what is even more amazing is the sick children driving the work. I don't know these kids but I'm so proud of them.
    Meghan looked lovely nice to see the engagement dress again her face looked so fresh and lovely with natural make up.

  26. Harry wears his heart on his sleeve. Love this colour combo on Meghan!

  27. I love the fashion from this engagement (maybe not the bag). The colours suit her very well and even if the dress was obviously bought for her old silhouette it still looks lovely. The coat over shoulders look is strange in my opinion.
    Lovely repeats. I think it’s nice she even repeated her engagement dress. Kate’s will probably be stored and go to a exhibitio/museum at one point but Meghan is in a different position and there is no reason not to repeat it. Especially because we never really saw it and it never became an iconic look.

  28. Anne-Sophie de Paris16 October 2019 at 13:28

    2ème photo !
    Quel regard amoureux Meghan porte sur Harry 😍?
    Ces deux tourtereaux sont vraiment fous l'un de l'autre !
    Ils se dévorent l'un et l'autre.
    Très Beau couple.
    Archie a de la chance d'avoir des parents aussi charmants qui ne dissimulent pas leurs sentiments.
    C'est peut -être "pas royal "mais cela reste humain et irrésistible.

  29. I really enjoy the Well Child Awards program. Such a beautiful way to show love and support. Awesome! Thanks again, Charlotte.

  30. What an emotional event for everyone! Dear old Harry! So glad for him to have found his soul-mate and his longing for chldren has come to fruition. Very moved by not only the lives of all the winners, and the emtion of Harry. It's clear how much having a child has affected has further informed their natural empathy and humanity.

    Meghan looks beautiful in the dress when she is standing up straight, but when she is bending over to talk to people, it bunches up on her and makes it look like there are fit issues. However, I think she does fill out the dress more than before, and she has a radiant and maternal glow.

  31. Diana would be so proud that of Harry being able to express his feelings and his humanity. They are just a wonderful couple and to think that they have been through such incredible pain because of people with no moral and human value makes me cringe.

    Beautiful cause, you can see how much they care and how these children move them deeply.

    Back to fashion - this is a total winning outfit for me, wouldn’t change anything - from head to toe Megan looks wonderful. She has the coat for at least 6-7 years and it’s still so current. Further makes the case for quality, well tailored clothes that have a long term value.


    1. I agree. Pay for quality and you will have it for years to come

  32. Becca H in Colorado16 October 2019 at 16:37

    Harry has always had a connection to this charity and event, but it's lovely to see how much becoming a parent has impacted him. I don't have kids right now, but I know this is something each parent must think about. Good for Harry for not stifling his emotion -- he didn't dissolve, but he didn't keep his feelings hidden, either. I think he handled it well and showed, without trying, how much this event means to him. The trolls on social media had better not tear him down for this. He seems to be such a lovely person who is just trying to protect his family and do right by his role.

    This looks is 100% for me. The color is beautiful on Meghan and it's a nice repeat, as well. She looks healthy and relaxed, classy and put together. Love it.

  33. She looks amazing in this outfit. I love wearing the coat on the shoulders like that. So very 1930's Hollywood. It's totally sexy and leaves your arms available to shake hands, etc. That dress looked fierce on her new figure and very womanly. I think the color of her shoes makes me want to lick them :) Harry's emotional moment shows the person he really is. Meghan is a lucky woman and Harry is a lucky man. It is rare and amazing to meet your match in life and I truly hope they make it thru the long haul.

    Lynne US

  34. Hello Charlotte and everyone,

    I don't know whether this comment is allowed to stay here, but if yes, pls check this out and donate a little money for this little boy:

    could you check this out?

    There is a little boy in Hungary, who has SMA 2 and funds are raised for him to get the most expensive drug of the world, Zolgensma.
    IT can be given to children under 2 years old, and he will turn 2 in December, so the time is short.
    If he gets this, he could be the second Hungarian child to get this treatment.

    Could you support him and also share this?


    Thank you!

    1. I'm not comfortable with people soliciting on this site even if it is for a good cause

    2. In Belgium there was a lot of media attention for a baby with this disease and cure too. They did a fundraiser by sms: when you texted, you donated 2 euros. Thanks to the media attention, the baby got the medicine. Maybe this is an idea?

  35. I see that the tabloids are now turning their attention to bashing Harry. Latest, his mental health is being questioned, and he is being mocked for getting emotional during his speech. Harry is making the evening all about him, he should keep a stiff upper lip as is appropriate, etc, etc,. Whereas before, Harry due to his natural empathy, was able to see the challenges and struggles of the children and their parents, becoming a parent himself has made him actually not only imagining walking in their shoes, but to feel what it might be like. What is wrong with that? At the least, everyone should be able to appreciate his desire to truly understand.

  36. My opinion is her clothes look better now since her baby. She fills them out nicely. Her figure is curvier and the whole effect is better. I got way too skinny after my baby was born from breast feeding and I felt like an absolute stick. Being too thin isnt great either.


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