Sunday, 10 November 2019

The Royal Family Gathers For Remembrance Sunday

The Royal family gathered at the Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday ceremonies in London.

This year, the Duchess of Sussex joined the Countess of Wessex and Sir Timothy Laurence, Princess Anne's husband, on the balcony.

We saw several nice photos of Meghan and Sophie chatting. They both share common interests in their work supporting women. Like Harry and Meghan, Sophie and Edward are raising their family close to Windsor.

Her Majesty was joined on a balcony by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge. It is the third year the Queen has appeared on the balcony. Now approaching her 94th birthday, HM's decision to ask Charles to lay her wreath has been seen as an example of a shift in head of state duties.

The National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Whitehall is a unique expression of homage devoted to the memory of those who have given their lives in war.

It was originally conceived as a commemoration of the First World War's dead by King George V in 1919, but after the Second World War the scope of the ceremony was extended to focus on the dead of both wars. Remembrance Day or Memorial Day is observed in Commonwealth countries.

As the clock struck eleven, a two-minute silence was observed. The silence represents the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, when the guns of Europe fell silent.

From GOV.UK: 'Every year, the two minute silence for the remembrance service on Whitehall is conducted with military precision. On Horse Guards Parade the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery fire their First World War guns to mark the start of the silence, and a Corps of Army Music bugler from the Household Division marks its end at precisely the same time that the guns fire again, 120 seconds later.'

Prince Charles leads the wreath laying portion of the event.

William, Harry and the Duke of York laid wreaths.

William wore his RAF uniform and Harry was dressed in the Royal Marines uniform.

Her Majesty appeared to shed a tear as she watched on.

The march past is an annual event for British and Commonwealth former military and civilian service personnel to honour the fallen of the British Armed Forces involved in the two World Wars and all conflicts since.

Moving scenes.

It was heartwarming to hear about 94-year-old WWII veteran Harry Billinge and his inspiring efforts to raise a pound for every one of the 22,000 British troops who died in Normandy for a memorial. Harry tells the BBC "Don't say I'm a hero. I'm no hero. I was lucky".

More from the Normandy Memorial Trust:

'Harry Billinge landed on Gold Beach at ‘H Hour’, 6.30am on 6 June 1944. He was just 18 and part of the first wave of troops. Harry was a Sapper with the Royal Engineers. Now 94 years old, Harry has dedicated his life to remembering his friends who never made it back home.
Harry has committed himself to fundraising for the monument which will commemorate the sacrifices made by his friends, honouring the bond of comradeship forged on the sands of Normandy so long ago. He lives in Cornwall and is often seen on the High Street in St Austell, proudly wearing his medals and green beret, collecting money from passers by and telling youngsters about what happened during the war to ensure his friends’ sacrifice is never forgotten.'

Prince Charles thanking Harry for his work.

This year's Poppy Appeal saw a host of well-known faces go undercover, with the help of GCHQ in their centenary year, to highlight the unseen contribution of our armed forces.

It's always special to see so many people from all over the UK volunteering for the annual appeal. Daphne Snowden has been collecting since she was 11 years old. She was presented with her 65 year service bar in 2016.

This year's appeal is aiming to raise £50 million to help support serving and ex-serving members of the armed forces community and their families. If you wish to donate please click here.

It is the second year the Duchess has attended the event. Meghan joined Germany's first lady Elke Büdenbender on the balcony of the Foreign Office at Whitehall last year. It was a touching gesture as it marked the first time a representative of Germany had laid a wreath at the Cenotaph.

A video from this morning's ceremonies.

Meghan selected a black belted Stella McCartney coat from the Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection.

A very similar Belted Wool Coat by the designer retails for £1,545 at My Theresa where it's described as: "Falling into clean lines, this black coat from Stella McCartney is packed with timeless appeal. Tailored from wool, this belted style features a wide lapel, glossy gold buttons and a wrap front."

Meghan's hat was very reminiscent of styles worn by Audrey Hepburn. The UFO No More team report it's the 'Nina' hat by one her favourite milliners Stephen Jones.

And a closer look at Meghan's poppy.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter shared a beautiful poem composed by 14-year-old Joshua Dyer who was tasked at school to write a piece about Remembrance Sunday. One hour later he produced 'One Thousand Men Are Walking'. I think it's incredibly moving such a young boy has a keen understanding of the importance of the day. It is vital we continue to commemorate and remember so the next generation like Joshua will know and understand the ultimate sacrifice so many made.

Lest we forget.


  1. Thank you, Charlotte. I look forward to the full post.

  2. wow she looks beautiful i love her outfit

  3. This was indeed very very moving; thank you for all the information, as usual!

    I am always amazed at how every year even more styles of black coats appear, all of them beautiful! I love Meghan's hat today-- although I thought her hat yesterday was perfect, I do like larger hats on her in general. The Queen must be very proud of her family!

  4. She seems very sad with a directionless gaze. I know the occasion calls for solemnity but my heart breaks for her sometimes.

    1. William looked a little teary, and of course the Queen had tears. I wonder if this year's service is especially emotional as the family considers the age of PP, and the Queen, of course, and thinks about a whole generation that lived through the last world war slipping away. I would be extremely sad to think that the world will be left without these survivors. Perhaps their are family issues we don't know about.

    2. I think that’s just her face when she tries to look somber, it’s the same face she had last year.

    3. I think it must be nerve-wrecking knowing the cameras are on you the whole time during a ceremony like this. One weird facial expression and you will end up in all the newspapers as being inappropriate. Kate was also often “accused” in the beginning of looking bored/blank at these solemn events. I think it just take some practice to hold an appropriate solemn facial expression for an extended period of time. So staring into middle space at least mean you don’t offend anybody.

    4. She appeared just fine, solemn as the other members of the family also were.

    5. Anne-Sophie de Paris11 November 2019 at 17:41

      Je partage tout à fait votre commentaire Ali.
      Meghan a un visage plus que solennel.
      Rien de particulier pas plus que les autres royal's.
      Je ne comprends pas la raison pour laquelle on doit toujours lui trouver nécessairement des petites bêtes à commenter.
      Elle est restée digne dans sa tenue comme dans ses expressions.

  5. I saw Joshua Dyer's poem on twitter yesterday. It's very well done


  6. Eloquent and simple, Charlotte. Thank you. Joshua Dyer’s poem moved me to tears, capturing the comradeship and honor of military service. They never will be forgotten.

  7. I mentioned this on the duchesskate blog but I wish the female royals could also partake in the ceremony rather than simply standing on the balcony. Armed forces now have female soldiers and this ceremony should IMO reflect that.

    1. As I replied in DK, Anne participates in the ceremony so it has nothing to do with being male or female.

    2. The family members who participate have a direct connection to the military. Please note that Anne’s husband doesn’t participate but joins those on the balcony.

    3. I also replied in DK, if a female has served in the military she will participate. If she hasn’t, she won’t, just as in ordinary life, those of us who weren’t in the military won’t march in a military parade, male or female.

    4. Caroline in Montana11 November 2019 at 06:00

      Ivy it has already been pointed out to you that this is not about gender but the military and none of the ladies except Anne were in the military, it would be odd for them to participate. The Queen always laid the wreath before as the monarchy and I believe she did participate in the war. Also I don’t think bombing both of charlottes blogs with overly negative comments trying to start something is fair.

    5. Princess Anne never served either. She was given some honorary military titles that entitle her to wear the uniform. Her husband who was watching from the balcony, is a retired Royal Navy officer.

    6. Prince Philip never served but used to lay wreaths. It does seem to be a gender thing.

    7. Prince Philipp was in the navy even before meeting Elizabeth. Fact check first, please . Why do you make all these false accusations?

    8. Ivy, Prince Philipp not only served in WWII ( HM actually met him on a Naval Ship he was serving on) & it was a big issue for him when he had to give up his active duty naval post in Malta when King George VI died & Elizabeth had to ascend The Throne. He continued to have Royal Military Appointments & always appeared in uniform when it was appropriate... as in this exact ceremony he marched in every year until he retired. He would walk in uniform with his sons & grandsons who were in uniform. If you are looking for some easy additional information on his military history... The Crown Season 1 addresses it. I hope you find clarification. As was said above..... non-military wives would have no reason to ever march in a military parade! Simple as that!

  8. Thanks for including the poem, Charlotte. It honours the sacrifices beautifully. I think Meghan's coat today called for a big hat. It suits her and contributes to a very sombre
    feel. I can remember a broad brim on Meghan only once before. Hope we will see them more often on formal occasions.

  9. Thanks for such an informative post Charlotte.
    I have found Joshua’s poem very moving, reflecting lives, deaths of those who served and feelings of them and their family. Very well written indeed.

  10. That, no, no, no!Lovely makeup!

  11. This was a solemn occasion and Meghan dressed appropriately as always.

  12. Meghan looked much more serene today. She knows the drill now. Her outfit is much more low key than the other royal ladies. She didn't wear earrings today from what I could tell in the pictures. Being able to stand with Sophie and Tim is probably not as nerve wracking as with visiting heads of state. Good to see the family together!

  13. Taste is such an arbitrary thing. One person likes and another dislikes the same look. However, I find this hat and coat combination incredible. It sets of the serene and solemn beauty of Meghan's face quite wonderfully. Perhaps that's because I am partial to the larger more substantial hats over fascinators.

    Of course, that does nothing to diminish the style and beauty of any of the other women on the balcony. Though the occasion is about honours afforded to those who sacrificed their youth and their lives, not fashion; each looked marvelous in her own unique way.

    1. The more photos I see the more I think she pitched this look perfectly. At first I thought the coat was too everyday, but the hat (I also prefer more substantial hats especially on Meghan) and the pulled back hair made for a perfect serene and appropriate look. One of her best, if not her best look yet.
      I believe in giving credit where credit is due and this is now the second year where Meghan has shown that she is perfectly fine with taking a supporting role at events like this.

    2. Anne-Sophie de Paris10 November 2019 at 22:49

      Je suis complètement d'accord avec vous et je tiens à remercier comme toujours Charlotte pour son remarquable travail.
      Oui toute la cour royale était digne et représente à merveille le peuple et la mémoire des anciens tombés sur les champs de bataille !
      Ici s'agissant de Meghan, je dirai que j'apprécie la pureté de sa tenue.
      Beaucoup oublient que Meghan n'est pas anglaise et qu'elle essaie de composer avec les deux traditions qui dont les siennes aujourd'hui. Américaine de naissance et britannique de coeur depuis peu.
      Quand j'entends dire son chapeau " non ,non " je dis que c'est irrespectueux au non de quoi ne peut- elle pas porter un chapeau ou celui -ci?
      Pourquoi lui demander d'être le clone des autres?
      J'en profite pour confirmer que Meghan attend un 2ème baby Sussex.
      Étant du corps pare-médical, j'observe que tous les signes sont en faveur d' une grossesse
      Nous en saurons plus d'ici son retour des USA ou en début d'année prochaine.
      Après la cérémonie de ce jour, elle doit pouffer un ouf ! de soulagement.
      Je souhaite à la petite famille, de très bonnes vacances et fis à
      Meghan d' essayer de ne pas
      continuer à travailler et à penser à elle et à ses deux charmants hommes et au nouveau bébé qu'elle porte .
      Je leur souhaite beaucoup de Courage pour le retour et surtout d essayer de prendre plus de recul.
      La famille De Sussex a toute
      sa place au sein de la monarchie.

    3. Wouldn’t it be wonderful though if they adopted a child? There are so many children that need a home - what an example they would set by adopting.

    4. Adoption is a long and complex process. At least where I live, it took my cousin almost 4 years to adopt a girl from Nigeria.
      If they adopted a child they better make sure it takes them the same time it takes to any other British citizen or it would be a huge scandal.

    5. Anne-Sophie de Paris12 November 2019 at 09:44

      C'est fou de leur demander d'adopter. N'ont -ils pas le droit comme les autres royal's d'avoir leurs propres enfants ?
      Harry et Meghan oeuvrent tous les jours pour des associations caritatives qui s'occupent de la prise en charge des enfants abandonnés ou pauvres.
      Adopter un enfant, changerait quoi au sort des autres enfants dans l'humanité ?
      Pourquoi toujours leur demander ce que l'on ne demande pas aux autres ? Cela me laisse pantois.

      Pour mémoire je rappelle que le chapeau porté par Meghan était déjà porté par Lady Diana il y a longtemps.

    6. Anne-Sophie, puis-je vous poser une question ? Beaucoup de vos commentaires vont dans le sens que l'on demande à Meghan ce qu'on ne demande pas aux autres. Est-ce que vous suivez de la même manière ces "autres"? Par exemple, je lis l'autre blog de Charlotte depuis la naissance de Georges et ce qui se disait de Kate ou ce qui lui était demandé vous aurait indigné également. Je pense que toutes deux et la plupart des membres de la famile royale sont dans une situation où les exigences du public sont énormes et souvent injustes.

    7. Anne-Sophie de Paris12 November 2019 at 23:09

      H , merci pour votre question.
      Je fais partie des milliers de personnes qui s'intéressent à la monarchie britannique depuis le mariage du prince Harry.
      J'ai suivi le mariage de Lady Diana et comme beaucoup la naissance de ces deux garçons.
      J'ai suivi toute son histoire..bref
      Mon intérêt pour Harry a commencé quand je l'ai vu derrière le cercueil de sa maman la tête baissée. J'ai suivi ses frasques et j'étais heureuse et rassurée pour lui le jour de ses fiançailles surtout que ses aventures féminines
      antérieures n'ont jamais fonctionnées.
      Je ne connaissais rien de Meghan, mais j'ai pris la peine de lire sa biographie et j' ai fait des recherches sur son parcours. Je les suis donc depuis.
      Pourriez vous me dire si d'autres membres de la royauté ont été salis comme Meghan ?
      D'autres sont allés jusqu'à dire que Archie est né d'une mère porteuse , on lui dit sans cesse qu'elle ne respecte pas le protocole..j'aimerais bien avoir des exemples.Son bébé a été comparé à un singe.
      J'oubliais ,on les critique d'avoir pris un jet privé .
      Donner moi le nom d'un Royal qui n'en a jamais pris.
      Non j'interviens sur un site français qui s'occupe des royautés et quand des articles sont sur Kate ou d'autres membres de la royauté je donne un avis toujours constructif.
      Je peux vous le dire je suis pour le bonheur de Harry car il le mérite.
      Je le suis pour William, il a eu la chance de tomber sur Kate et sa famille très jeune. Il est donc bien accompagné .
      Du reste Kate est une future Reine Consorts et préparée à cette tâche depuis près d'une vingtaine d'années.
      Meghan ne sera jamais reine, et à une vie antérieure avant d'entrer dans la famille royale.
      On ne peut pas lui demander de se renier.
      Les exigences pour une future Reine ne sont pas les mêmes pour une 6eme dans l'ordre d'accès au trône. Ça fait 2ans qu'elle est dans la famille fiançailles et mariage compris
      Les tabloïds ne l'ont jamais acceptée mais gagnent de l'argent sur son dos.
      Pour votre question je ne vais pas sur les deux sites de Charlotte. Ici je commente plus les projets et moins les habits portés car ils ne m'apportent pas grand chose intellectuellement.
      Anne -Sophie

    8. Merci pour votre réponse. D'après ce que j'ai observé, les critiques ne sont pas limitées à Meghan. Certaines sont structurelles, tous les membres de la famille royale sont critiqués un jour ou l'autre pour leurs déplacements, il y a eu par exemple une levée de boucliers il y quelques années parce que les Cambridge avaient pris un hélicoptère plutôt que le train. Les articles négatifs sur le sujet ont continué pendant des mois. De même pour le coût de la rénovation de leur appartement, ou de leur maison de campagne. C'est un point qui revient régulièrement et la presse se déchaîne chaque fois. Le coût des dépenses, par ex le mariage d'Eugénie. On a dit de tout sur elle. Comme le coût des tenues vestimentaires. Toujours mentionné. Plus personnel, et surtout pour les jeunes femmes, les critiques sur l'apparence. La maigreur (Kate) ou les rondeurs ( Zara ou les York) le maquillage, les cheveux blancs. Sur la manière de parler, l'accent, l'aisance en public. Les photographes à l'affût du moindre coût de vent dans les jupes. Les photos prises à un km de distance dans une propriété privée. Tous ces exemples pour dire que malheureusement personne n'est respecté. Par exemple, Kate est actuellement dans une phase où les médias sont plus cléments, mais c'est cyclique. Les critiques reviendront bientôt. Il y a déjà eu un début de campagne à propos d'une prétendue infidélité de William. La presse britannique a été menacée de procès, et n'a pas pu aller plus loin que les insinuations, mais la presse européenne et américaine s'en est donnée à cœur joie. J'appelle cela salir quelqu'un.

  14. She looks very nice. Always enjoy seeing all the members of the family at this event.

  15. Charlotte, could you include this cute story somehow?

  16. Thank you for the informative post, the poem, and all of the moving photos. Duchess M supported the occasion and represented the royal family with dignity and grace. I have the utmost respect for her.

  17. These few days are where many of us wear the poppy, display the flag and honor those who serve and have served. It’s always a strange few days I find myself in on these kinds of occasions - hating wars and “conflicts” (undeclared wars)- feeling patriotic and grateful while feeling depressed and guilty, all at the same time.

    I think for those who experienced such wars/conflicts up close, as civilian or enlisted personnel, occasions like these can be a mixed blessing and hard to unravel. The pomp and choreographed rituals are achingly beautiful. Yet a part of me wish it wasn’t so because war isn’t a path to glory and honor. A lot of it is awful with deaths, destruction and many, many victims- both the dead and the living. A lot of war is about staying alive and surviving it afterward. Unfortunately, there are many who don’t survive the living well either.

    - Martine

    1. Nicole from france11 November 2019 at 17:22

      Martine, actually this ceremony does not glorify war but all the women and men who have given their lives so that their country (and other countries, as this was a world war and I volves two antagonistic groups of countries) stay free . As much as I dislike our French 14 juillet celebration which does glorify war through all the weapons which are shown (I know that lots of politics say that we have to show our strength in order not to use it ...) , as much I do appreciate such ceremonies as this one , involving all army corps, paying due respect to the fallens . At least that’s my way of feeling, still if there were no wars there would be no need for such ceremonies ....

    2. Nicole, I hear you and thank you for your thoughts. I’ve worked in conflict zones with UN peace keepers and military operations overseas. I appreciate the need for such commemoration to show respect and honor our service men and women. For me, it’s also about the care and lingering PTSD our soldiers face after they return home and how these services often fall short. (e.g. high homelessness and drug use rates, handling transitioning, dealing with Larium long term effects, mental health, long term care, etc.) I volunteer part of my time working with refugees fleeing wars and that’s another source of workplace frustration for me.

      The pageantry is poignant and a needed reminder. The idealist in me just wish that the same level of funding/fanfare went into supporting our military personnel - including the vets and their families- in their everyday care.


    3. Anne-Sophie de Paris12 November 2019 at 09:52

      Complètement d'accord avec vous Anon 20h55.
      Ils sont souvent laissés pour compte.
      Dans ce domaine, je ne peux que remercier le prince Harry pour la création d'Invictus Games.
      Ces jeux leur redonnent la dignité même si je sais qu'il en faut plus.C'est un bon départ.
      À nos états de faire plus.
      Ils restent en effet avec leurs familles, les plus " pauvres " de la société malheureusement.
      Anne- Sophie

  18. Her make-up is lovely as usual, love the coat, and I hope to one day see the dress she is wearing because the peak of it looks very pretty. Now, for the hat. I just can't get behind it. It seems to casual, too heavy, too something. Maybe if it was a different material.

  19. Thank you, Charlotte, for giving us a chance to see and appreciate this solemn occasion. I was so impressed with the poem of Joshua Dyer. What a mature understanding for one so young. How can one not love Harry Billinge? It's sad the world is losing these wonderful heroes to the passage of time.

    I thought all the women looked wonderful. I love Meghan's large hat. I'm happy to learn that Sophie lives near Meghan, and they have a common committment to women. Hopefully Meghan has a friend and support there.


  20. Thank you Charlotte for sharing that wonderful song. It is truly amazing.

  21. I loved all the ladies looking so beautiful in their outfits.
    I pray they stay united for good.
    Thank you Meghan and Kate .
    You make the Royal family proud.

  22. The squared crown on this hat is too similar to a Western ‘outlaw’ hat which makes it look more suitable for a festival/concert. Also, the ‘percher hat’ (the official name for that hat) she wore the other day should not cover part of her eyebrow. It throws off her facial features which are almost perfectly symmetrical. It’s a gorgeous hat, just needs to be pushed back a bit.

    Successfully wearing hats is an art. Only a few women get it right. Most of it has to balance and proportions — kinda like life, no?
    Hat Lover

    1. Anon 21:12, I chuckled a bit at your comment. I (unfortunately) have lived in Texas since the 1980s. My favorite singer is Willie Nelson. I just finished watching reruns of "Laramie." I worship Sam Elliott Western movies. I never had a Western thought when I saw that hat. :)

      Considering that hat have tons of feathers, disk shapes that lie flat to the head (which to me is the very oddest thing), netting, twirling bits that zoom out in every direction (said as an American), it's hard to disqualify this hat!

    2. The model on Stephen Jones’ website is wearing the hat straight with no downward angle in the back — front and back are even. This makes it look a lot like the bamboo hats seen in rice paddies, except with a flat crown. Some have suggested she wore the hat backwards since the bow is in the front. The model also wears the bow in front, but Jones is well known for changing the status quo. Who knows? Nevertheless, the cartwheel brim does photograph well from below. I wonder what it looks like on street level. Would it cover too much of her face? The model wears the hat so that it only covers her forehead.

      Hats are my passion. Likes/dislikes are highly personal. Glad you got a chuckle.
      Hat Lover

    3. Allison, I too am from Texas and Western didn't cross my mind either, rather I thought of the 40's, reporter/spy kind of vibe!! So true that likes/dislikes are highly personal and wearing hats is an art, some are a hit and some are a miss....very much like life.

  23. I'm just wondering how long H&M will continue being on the balcony. I guess (please correct me if I'm wrong) when Camilla is the Queen consort, she and Kate will stand and then Meghan can stand like she did today. Right now, the Queen's children participate. Later, Charles' children will participate. Even later, William's children will participate. It's not a popularity contest; it's who represents what. The Queen is crazy about her other grandchildren; they just aren't part of the "job." Boy, I hate those tabloids!!

    1. Caroline in Montana11 November 2019 at 15:58

      I am confused by your statement. harry is not standing on the balcony! but that does raise an interesting question, will Meghan then join Camilla and Kate in their box when Charles is the monarch? or does she stay with Sophie and Tim to even out the boxes? (I wish Fergie was still there!)

      Charles's children do participate, they also lay wreaths and have been doing so, so not sure what you mean by "later Charles's children will participate"??

      if you need a good source Charlottes blog is it, id say stay away from the tabloids:)

    2. Predicting is always a tricky thing, especially since it depends on who outlives whom, but I would think H&M would play a fairly major role at this event their whole lives. Or at least until George is king, which will hopefully not be for years to come.

      When Charles is king, I can see Meghan joining Camilla and Kate on the central balcony. And later when William is king, we could see the two duchesses on the balcony on their own or joined by Sophie, until at some point George’s wife joins them.
      As William’s children becomes adults and gets married, Meghan might move to the side balcony again, but I doubt that she would ever be completely out of the picture.

    3. Here are the facts —

      Who stands where during such events is determined by what is known as the order of precedence, the hierarchy that exists within the royal family. The current order places the sovereign, the Queen, first, followed by the spouse of the sovereign, Prince Philip (who this year, did not attend). Next is the eldest son of the sovereign, Prince Charles, followed by his spouse, Camilla.

      Prince William is higher up the order of precedence than younger brother Harry and their wives' positions fall in line accordingly.

      The order of precedence is different from the order of succession, which is only concerned with who can inherit the throne. For example, Prince Charles is first in line to the throne but he is currently third in order of precedence behind the Queen and Prince Philip.

    4. Just to add to your Facts Anon. It is important to remember that while the order of succession is regulated by law, the order of precedence is subject to change at the will of the monarch. HM gave the order of precedence quite a shake up when Charles and Camilla got married.
      I would not be surprised to see the order of precedence change back to it’s simpler pre-Camilla version when Charles becomes king. Or incorporate even more changes to reflect the realities of the monarchy at that point.

  24. The hat is nice, but imho, didn't seem to fit with the rest. Its style reminds me of a cowboy hat and its shape seems to bring the eyes (at least, mine) downwards. Don't get me wrong: the duchess is beautiful, her attire was appropriate for the event. Those were just some observations.

    Thank you for the post, Charlotte, and thank you for sharing Joshua's poem. It was very moving.

  25. I’m afraid this look is a miss for me. The hat is a bit too Indiana Jones in style. The coat is ok.

  26. So elegant, I love the hat, coat and entire ensemble. Meghan looks beautiful.
    Such a moving ceremony.

  27. Meghan looks beautiful ! Love her hat and outfit . Her Majesty looks lovely too

    Thanks Charlotte for a beautiful post

    Thank you to all the brave men and women who fought for our freedom and for those who made the ultimate sacrifice

    We will never forget you

  28. Beautiful! I love her hat, though if her hair was in a bit of a looser updo it would be better, but that’s a minor quibble. She looks beautiful. I’d love to know what she has on under the coat. The lace detail of her top or dress is very pretty!

  29. I love how the British honor all those who served. To see all the different generations come together is quite moving and makes us realize how lucky we are to have such brave souls fight for our freedom.

    I thought Meghan looked lovely. Very nice coat and hat combination. The top underneath her coat just peaking out looks very interesting. Wonder if we'll ever see it?

    The rest of the royal ladies looked very nice also.

  30. I love how the British honor all those who served. To see all the different generations come together is quite moving and makes us realize how lucky we are to have such brave souls fight for our freedom.

    I thought Meghan looked lovely. Very nice coat and hat combination. The top underneath her coat just peaking out looks very interesting. Wonder if we'll ever see it?

    The rest of the royal ladies looked very nice also.

  31. Caroline in Montana11 November 2019 at 16:00

    I love her hat, like I really love it, she looks so great. I love the coat too. I think she pulled the day off perfectly!! wish I knew what boots she was wearing:)

    Freedom is not free, thank you for all those who sacrificed.

  32. Sheryl from BC Canada12 November 2019 at 00:38

    The Duchess of Sussex was channeling Diana Princess of Wales today. She wore almost the same style hat and black trench coat with the big wide belt and bucket back in 1991 for Remembrance Day. Both women pulled off a classic look. :) I watched the British service yesterday and our Canadian one today, which are almost the same. Thank you for your service.

  33. Here's a link to support for Meghan from Hillary Clinton (who has personal experience with the level of vilification levelled at Meghan). I find it heartening that like the parliamentarians who stepped up with a letter, more people are speaking out.

  34. A solemn occasion, I’m so grateful to all those that sacrificed & continue to serve.
    I loved Duchess Meghan’s entire look, no earrings, subtle makeup etc & the outfit. Her hat & coat reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, classic & beautiful.



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