Monday, 17 May 2021

A Moving Trailer for The Me You Can't See & A Cameo by Meghan

"To make that decision to receive help is not a sign of weakness. In today's world more than ever, it's a sign of strength." Powerful words from Prince Harry in the moving trailer for The Me You Can't See. The five-part docuseries, co-created by Harry and Oprah, delves into the state of our mental health and emotional well-being through diverse stories and candid discussions.

From high-profile guests including Lady Gaga and Glenn Close, to everyday stories, "The Me You Can’t See aims to destigmatize a highly misunderstood subject and give hope to viewers who learn that they are not alone."

The impact of the past fifteen months is very much on Harry's mind. "The results of this year will be felt for decades. For kids, families, husbands, wives, everybody."

Oprah tweeted:

'When it comes to mental health, we all have a story to share. In the US alone, 1 in 5 people suffer from some form of mental illness. And on any given day, YOU may not feel 100%. Which is why Prince Harry and I have partnered together for The Me You Can't See.

This trailer is just a glimpse of the powerful stories you’ll hear, from Lady Gaga to DeMar DeRozan, to other people from around the world whose names you may not know but whose brave stories will deeply resonate with you.

Our hope is that you’ll watch the series and will be empowered to reach out to friends and have these conversations with grace and empathy. All episodes are available this Friday, May 21 on AppleTv+.'

People reports:

'"All over the world people are in some kind of mental, psychological, emotional pain," Oprah says as she sits opposite Harry discussing words associated with mental health. "Being able to say, 'This is what happened what happened to me,' is crucial," she adds.

Poignantly, as the then 12-year-old Harry is shown alongside his father Prince Charles solemnly standing to attention as his mother's casket passes on the day of the funeral, a voiceover says, "Treating people with dignity is the first act."'

There was also a special appearance by Meghan.

The Duchess sported a 'Raising the Future' t-shirt by UK lifestyle brand Mére Soeur. The £27 t-shirt is described: "However you choose to do it, whatever your parenting choices, we're all doing it. The greatest and hardest job you'll ever have. Printed in the UK on Earth Positive tees."

To say founder Carrie-Anne Roberts was excited is something of an understatement.

More from Riposte magazine on the background of the brand:
'Mère Soeur is a collection of mama merch inspired by the supportive sisterhood Carrie-Anne found online after the birth of her son. Having a baby and starting a business isn't easy. Rather than pretend everything is perfect, Carrie-Anne is honest about her struggles and challenges along the way. Through this honesty she's managed to build something beautiful and continues to inspire the close-knit community she has built up online.

On the beginning of the brands journey Carrie-Anne said: "My baby was three months old, I had separated from his dad and I’d moved back across the country to live with my mum. I had no money and I was really lonely. None of my friends had babies so I basically just turned to the Instagram community. There was this huge sisterhood of mothers and it inspired me to make the first product."'
A personal message from Carrie-Anne.

All episodes are available on 21 May. AppleTV+ offers a free seven-day trial.


  1. The choices H&M make shows them in a continuous light of good health, happiness and the notion that they will survive on their own terms. How lucky are they. They make me smile simply by looking at them.

    1. Good true
      This couple is the best.
      God bless them ❤

  2. Becca in Colorado17 May 2021 at 21:06

    I got chills from the trailer -- I can't wait to watch. After seeing that and listening to Harry on Dax's podcast, I just feel that Harry and Meghan are so happy and content with their lives now, which makes me happy.

  3. Denise in Virginia18 May 2021 at 01:56

    Not wanting to jump to conclusions, but Meghan doesn't look pregnant in that photo, is Baby Girl here??

    1. This series has been in the works for more than two years. This picture was probably taken a while ago.


    2. It was filmed some time ago.

  4. USA Granny, I agree: M and H make me smile too!
    Becca, I agree: they do seem so happy!
    Charlotte, thank you for this positivity post!

  5. I don't have Apple TV so will have to rely on snippets from elsewhere. The UK Press keep telling us Harry is lost and lonely and missing home. I have to say in every photo I see, he looks happy and relaxed and clearly adores his new family. I am sure there is an element of homesickness because his life is so dramatically different, but my take is that he is happy. Few of us have perfect lives with no family issues. LRB

    1. Once you distance yourself from a toxic environment it can be a complete surprise how little you miss what was false in the first place. Happiness isn't dependent on your blood family. Trust me. Speaking as one who knows.

  6. I LOVE the happy photos of Harry and Meghan, especially the one of delighted, happy Harry looking up at excited, smiling Meghan.

    I hope this series will have a huge impact on destigmatizing asking for help.

    Thanks again, Charlotte.


  7. Happy third Anniversary to Harry and Meghan.


  8. Happy wedding anniversary Harry & Meghan.
    Good Luck .God bless you


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