Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Archewell & WCK to Build Community Relief Center in India & Archie's Birthday Fundraiser Mobilises $3 Million

There's very exciting news to share tonight about Archewell's collaboration with World Central Kitchen and a fantastic update on Archie's birthday fundraiser, but first, I know you'll all join me in wishing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a very happy third wedding anniversary! The wedding was filled with unforgettable moments -- a joyous day for all celebrating. Three years on, Harry and Meghan have forged a new life in the US with their darling son Archie and are looking forward to welcoming their daughter.

Coinciding with the special day, the Sussexes announced their next Community Relief Centre, in partnership with World Central Kitchen, will be in India. The country has been enduring a devastating time as a wave of Covid-19 has seen an alarming rate of infection and so many lives tragically lost. During the Vax Live concert, this was at the forefront of Harry's mind, with the Prince saying, "When any suffer, we all suffer."

The first centre in the Commonwealth of Dominica has been complete, whilst work is underway for the second in Puerto Rico. More from Archewell:

'Right now, COVID-19 cases are spiking across the entire country of India. On Tuesday, India’s total virus cases exceeded 25 million, with 260,000 new cases and 4,329 deaths reported in the past 24 hours. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, millions have been infected, and there is widespread concern that the crisis is even worse than reported.

In support of India, Archewell Foundation and World Central Kitchen are focusing on the long-term needs of local communities.

The purpose of these centers is to provide relief and resilience (as well as healing and strength) for the communities in which they’re based. During future crises, these centers can be quickly activated as emergency response kitchens—or vaccination sites—and through calmer times they can serve as food distribution hubs, schools, clinics, or community gathering spaces for families.'

More from Harper's Bazaar:

'The new relief center will also be situated close to Myna Mahila, an Indian nongovernmental organization (NGO) focused on women’s empowerment through health awareness and employment opportunities, which Meghan has been involved with since March 2017. The charity was one of seven to benefit from more than $120,000 in charitable gift donations made by the public to the Sussexes ahead of their 2018 nuptials in Windsor.'

With news of the new relief center in India coinciding with the Sussexes' anniversary, there was also an update on Archie's birthday fundraiser. With matched donations, the effort raised an amazing $3 million for vaccine equity.

Archewell shared: "Congratulations and thank you for helping to make the world a more compassionate and equitable place. We are proud to have you as part of the Archewell community. As evidenced through this activation, our shared purpose can yield extraordinary results. Look at what happens when we come together for the greater good! Well done to each and every one of you, and thank you from The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and all of us at Archewell."


  1. I will always remember that wonderful wedding! My absolute favorite image is of Jessica's son when he heard the trumpet! Those boys did such a good job. How wonderful to add more help to the world. India's situation is just heart-breaking. I'm sure the totals are at least 10 times greater than reported. And so many have had their jobs affected; vaccines are the only way to recover. I suspect they are having a lovely anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary to Meghan and Harry!! I hope that their lives will continue to be filled with laughter, love and light!!

    I am not one bit surprised that they took time on their special day to announce this collaboration with WCK!! Meghan and Harry have used their popularity to help others and have continued to inspire others to do the same!! Seeing the continued work that they are doing gives me great hope for a brighter future for all of us. When the world seems to be engulfed in darkness, Meghan and Harry continue to shine their light and give so many others the confidence to shine their light as well.

    Thank you Charlotte for another wonderful post!!

  3. Wishing a very happy anniversary to the Sussexes!

  4. Congratulations Harry & Meghan for your compassion.
    Happy Wedding anniversary for you.

  5. I love that wedding photo, but my favourite was Meghan walking up the aisle on her own with the sunshine streaming through the windows. Very Sound of Music!! What a fantastic amount of money being raised. So happy that the next help goes to India, it is going to take them a long time to recover from the horrors they are currently experiencing. LRB

  6. Wishing Harry and Meghan a very Happy Anniversary. I delight in their love for each other. May it continue to grow throughout their livetimes. As Harry said, they are a great pair.

    They are establishing their philanthropic identity / tradition of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with announcements of new projects and efforts, and moving away from the Royal tradition of posting photos. I applaud this move. They want to be more about action and less about display...Truman show, zoo, etc.

    I hope the success of their efforts continues to multiply each year.

    Thank you, Charlotte.


  7. I don't know if Harry's latest is to be covered but I have some thoughts in case it is. No one should be afraid of saying what they had to do to become healthy. It should not be a surprise to any of his relatives. I won't go down that road, but I still cannot escape the horror of Harry thinking he would lose Meghan and their baby. The thought of that makes Diana's death pale in comparison. And this is again making the vocal person (Harry) the problem instead of what happened. My husband's family did that to him because he choses to remember his father as an alcoholic abusive man who beat his wife and severely emotionally abused his children. His siblings call him a great man who was loved by all. So now the abuse is not bad but my husband is! Same thing as Harry is going through.

    Remember how "radical" it was for Kate's family to remain so involved in her life; we all applaud it but perhaps forget it was unusual. And K&W do not leave their children home on tours of more than a few days, whereas Charles and Anne were left home for months. The "old ways" are not always the right or best ways for families.

  8. I hope there peace in there mind right now ...


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