Saturday, 1 May 2021

Updates from the Sussexes Ahead of VAX Live

With preparations underway for the VAX Live concert (more on that in a bit), we've had updates from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Earlier this month Meghan convened a roundtable discussion with Girls, Inc. and National Women’s Law Center to offer girls a platform to discuss challenges they and their peers are experiencing. A blog post on Archewell's website noted, "The Duchess believes girls’ voices can and should be heard, and through Archewell she focuses on providing them with the platforms, tools, and forums to help define a path forward and continue making an impact."

More from Archewell:
'Joined at a virtual forum by Stephanie J. Hull and Fatima Goss Graves, the respective leaders of Girls Inc. and National Women’s Law Center, The Duchess heard from a powerful and passionate group of 13- to 18-year-olds—primarily girls of color—who are part of Girls. Inc affiliates across America. As young activists, these girls are already making an impact around education, social justice, and health and wellness in their own schools and communities.

 With ambitions of becoming medical professionals, senators, and presidents, the girls who attended had strong and incisive perspectives on issues critical to girls today. The group spoke about everyday struggles during COVID-19, including identity loss and isolation, and larger issues of mental health, racial bias and injustice, and more. When asked what tools girls need to thrive in the year ahead, a common thread emerged: acknowledgement, support, empathy, and resources.'

Meghan reflected on the impact of trailblazing women throughout history "whose stories can move us to meet the moment" and asked the girls to share figures who inspired them. Their answers included Kala Bagai, the first South Asian woman to immigrate to the US in the early 20th century and civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer.

Archewell noted the Duchess has been working with communities of girl-serving organisations throughout the pandemic to "listen and learn" from a new generation of leaders:

'During Women’s History Month, she participated in a virtual mentoring session with a teen girl from L.A. Works and the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, and during Black History Month, she joined a meaningful dialogue with diverse young poets from the organization Get Lit—Words Ignite that was focused on creating change through the power of words. In addition, in March, The Duchess sent an important message to the students at Robert Clack School in Dagenham, England—which she visited for International Women’s Day 2020—about how they can continue to pave the way for a more compassionate future by embracing community. All throughout the past year, she has convened conversations with women and girls, spoken with gender icons as well as new leaders, and partnered with key organizations advocating for a more equitable and just future.' 

The president and CEO of National Women's Law Center Fatima Goss Graves said it was "an honor to be guided by young people who will name the future they need and deserve. Thank you to The Duchess of Sussex and Girls Inc and to the amazing girls dreaming". Fatima has been included on the stories section of Archewell.

Stephanie J Hull, President and CEO of Girls, Inc. features on Archewell with an inspiring quote:

'Girls are the strong, smart, bold leaders our future needs. If we elevate their voices, we’ll hear a fresh perspective—their problem-solving skills, creativity, and joy are the key to addressing so many of our challenges. Girls are powerful and, given the opportunity, they can and will change the world.'


We should hear more about Harry and Oprah's mental health series very shortly. Appearing on the Drew Barrymore show, the legendary presenter revealed the series will air in May. TV + Updates reports it will be a two-part series called The Me You Can't See (not yet officially confirmed). It will coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK (May 10-16) and Mental Health Month in the US.

Harry celebrated Earth Day by narrating a special conservation video entitled “Hope Starts Here” for African Parks. The Duke paid tribute to his late grandfather: "On this Earth Day, I reflect on generations of conservation champions, including my late grandfather, and feel proud and energised to continue doing my part in this legacy. This year especially, I join the incredible African Parks team and communities around the world in shared dedication to our environment and collective wellbeing."


With just a week to go until VAX Live, Kcal9 takes an inside look at the concert. It very much sounds like the Duke and Duchess will be there in person for filming which takes place at SoFi stadium tomorrow. The event aims to raise millions for vaccines for healthcare workers in countries most in need.

It will be streamed on Global Citizen's YouTube channel, Saturday, 8 May, at 8pm ET.


  1. Thank you Charlotte. I am so excited...bravo H& M, you are inspiring.
    I love you .good luck

  2. Yes im wating for it .Do good things and good things Will come back to you .

  3. H&M are doing What they do Best helping the WORKING !!!

  4. Allison in US2 May 2021 at 21:56

    They have so much energy, passion, and insight! I read they will take tome off when their little girl is born; I hope they really do. Meghan is a bundle of ideas!

  5. Thank you, Charlotte, for keepin us up to date on Meghan and Harry's continued efforts for the causes that are close to their hearts. They will always be working for a better world.


  6. this is so great to hear Charlotte. I look forward to Harry and Oprah's mental wellness show and also that was a great video for Earth Day where Harry paid tribute to his grandfather for championing environmental causes.

  7. It's great too see them doing great charlotte they always working o better cause

  8. Glad to see this update, Charlotte. Thank you!


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