Saturday, 13 November 2021

Harry & Meghan Meet Afghan Families & Thank Teachers for "Tireless Efforts" at Task Force Liberty

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared additional information and photographs from their Veterans Day engagements in New Jersey. The couple visited Task Force Liberty, on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, which is home to more than 10,000 Afghan refugees. Harry and Meghan spent time with women who recently arrived at the base, which provides emergency accommodation, medical care and support.

CNN reports:

"Harry and Meghan are known for speaking openly about their mental health and for encouraging others to do the same.

According to the US Air Force Expeditionary Center website, "Task Force Liberty initiated in August in line with the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Active duty, guard and reserve service members from across the force came together with outside agencies to create a space that could provide support to over 10,000 Afghan guests as they immigrated into the United States."

Senior Airman Jayuana Tyler discusses her role on the base and shares a background on daily operations.

Harry and Meghan met children and teachers at the school where Afghan pupils were learning English. A spokesperson for the couple said, "They asked staff about common terms in Dari, and left every interaction with children and adults alike saying ‘tashakur’, which means ‘thank you'.

Harpers Bazaar reports:

'Stopping by at classroom for young children, the couple were able to take part in a conversational English class taking place. As the group learned the words for colors, Meghan helped by holding different shades of markers in the air for the children to call out their answers.

An Archewell Foundation statement added that, on their way out of the classroom, the couple thanked the teachers for their "tireless efforts, and reminded them to take care of themselves and their own mental health as well."

Earlier in the day the couple had met derive members and their spouses in another area of the 42,000-acres tri-service base. At present, there are more than than 1,200 service members currently stationed in New Jersey to support the Afghan guests and their families. Permanent housing options are currently being built.'

The couple led the class in a rendition of 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes', which they revealed is a favourite of Archie's.

The children practiced new phrases they learned such as "nice to meet you".

Domino Kelly met the couple and described it as the "best Veterans Day ever".

A quick refresher on Meghan's look Thursday:

Meghan wore Armani's Draped Long-Sleeve Jersey Faux-Wrap Dress (with thanks to Meghan's Closet Chronicles). It features a surplice neckline and A-line silhouette.

The Duchess wore her Giorgio Armani velvety leather court shoes with an asymmetric top line.

Meghan accessorised with her staples -- Diana's Cartier Tank watch...

...Jennifer Meyer's Mini Bezel Tennis Bracelet...

...and her Cartier Love bracelet.

Team Rubicon have set up an Amazon Wishlist for families staying at Task Force Liberty. From prams, coats and shampoo, a list of essentials are included. Every single item is greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate, please click here.


  1. Any idea what necklace she has on?

  2. So nice to see the combination of both their interests: support of military victims and of disadvantaged and even threatened women. I hope they'll never stop doing this.

  3. What glowing first person witness in Dominoe Kelly’s description of H & M as a Class Act.
    And: “Best Veteran’s Day ever”
    These pictures of H & M interacting with the Afghan women and children completes the purpose of their trip.
    Tashakur Charlotte!

  4. Thank you for continuing your positive insight into Harry and Meghan. I find their new life very interesting and I think once their children are older they will be even more involved and impactful. I was so sorry not to see Harry at the Cenotaph however, allowing him, as the member of the family who has served on the front line, to lay a wreath would be a very important olive branch. LRB

  5. Tomorrow should be a treat to see Meghan talking on "Ellen."

    1. I am excited. Good news .
      I Love Meghan.


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