Wednesday 20 July 2022

A Date Night in New York & Lunch with Gloria Steinem

It was a busy day in New York for the Duke and Duchess yesterday. The couple closed the day with a date night with friends at Lower Manhattan restaurant Locanda Verde.

Page Six reports:

“There was a random birthday celebration at the table next to theirs,” the source recalled. “Meghan went up to them with Harry and said, ‘I wish you the happiest birthday,’ to the table next to her. They were all dumbfounded and just said, ‘Thank you so much.'”

Another spy in the bustling dining room confirmed to Page Six that Markle sweetly sent birthday wishes to the person celebrating and that the pair were in “great spirits.”

“They wined and dined with another couple that seemed to be close friends,” our second source said.

The eagle-eyed spy added that the couple ordered the Sardinian sheep’s milk ricotta, steak tartare, Piemontese, the ravioli, and a few other dishes as well as red wine for sipping. 

From very brief video clips it appears they dined with Genevieve Roth and her husband Jordan. Genevieve has been a brilliant addition to the Archewell team. A Shorenstein Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, who previously served as the creative engagement director for the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, she also leads the social impact and culture-change organization Invisible Hand, who also work closely with the Obama Foundation and Girls Leadership to "harnesses the power of creativity and storytelling to propel the world forward".

Genevieve penned a powerful piece for Good Housekeeping, entitled 'I Thought I Understood White Privilege. Then I Married a Black Man'.

'For the first 37 years of my life, I considered myself largely exempt from the blind spots of white privilege. Intellectually, I knew the definition of the phrase: White privilege is the inherent advantages that come with being white. But I assumed I knew better than to let those advantages hinder my progressive way of life. I had worked in New York City media for years, leaving a big job in magazines to become director of creative engagement for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. I helped to organize the Women’s March. I started my social impact agency Invisible Hand to assist companies like Instagram and organizations like Planned Parenthood as they put good work into the world. I was your favorite progressive's favorite progressive.

Then, I met Jordan. He was so handsome, I thought I might die. He was sharp and charismatic and when he smiled it looked like he was lit from within. I cringe to say that I loved him immediately, but here's the thing: I pretty much did. We did not take it slow. In fact, we shoehorned a decade’s worth of life into our first 24 months together. We moved in together, started companies, got pregnant, miscarried, renovated an apartment and got pregnant again, only to spend the last trimester of the pregnancy living apart while I pursued a fellowship in a different city. In the beginning, when we fought — which we did, kind of a lot — I chalked it up to the stress of cramming all of that life into such a short span of time.

Of course I knew that Jordan and I would have cultural differences. On our first date, he asked me if he was the first Black man I’d dated (he was not), and told me that his relationships had spanned the map, too. We discussed how we thought our families would react, and the role our upbringings had played in our identities. I kind of thought we had it covered. We did not. Almost immediately, I began to understand my white privilege and unconscious bias in new, upsetting ways.'

Harry and Meghan were photographed departing.

On the heels of Harry's speech, a spokesperson for the Nelson Mandela Foundation confirmed Harry delivered his powerful words as the foundation is working on a project with Archewell. Watch this space...

Meghan was chic in a monochromatic look with striking accessories.

The Duchess wore Gabriela Heart's Vicky jumpsuit.

Described as: "A bold silhouette is seen here with a contrasting combination of black and white. Our signature knot detailing is utilized as an upper back detail and frames a cut-out on this fitted strapless jumpsuit. A slight flare is seen towards the hem of the pant allowing for a flattering look."

Meghan carried Bottega Venneta's Large Inrecciatio Leather Pouch clutch.

And Aquazzura 105 bow tie sandals (Get 10% off with code 10FIRST).

Earlier in the day, Meghan enjoyed lunch and a catchup with Gloria Steinem.

We recently saw the duo join forces in the wake of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision. They spoke to Jessica Yellin about their hopes for the future.

We saw another great look from Meghan.

The talented ladies from What Meghan Wore suggest Meghan may have worn Khaite's Argo top. It certainly looks like a good match.

Meghan wore a pair of navy Bermuda-style shorts with a Lauren Ralph Lauren belt.

The Duchess wore her Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in cognac.

Complementing the soft brown theme, Meghan carried the Cult Gaia Nia clutch. It's available in white at Bergdorf Goodman.

It looks very much like Meghan accessorised with her Vanessa Tugendhaft earrings.

A couple of you reached out about Meghan's podcast, Archetypes. I last heard it would be released in 'late summer/early autumn' though the exact date has not been confirmed. It's always fun to see Harry and Meghan in New York. I hope we hear more about the trip in coming days.


  1. she looks hot hot hot! love this outfit and the shoes

  2. More sightings of Meghan! How fun! She’s so polite to the man who politely interacts with her. Always sweet to see her with Gloria Steinem. And then she rocks her date night look!
    Thank you Charlotte!

  3. This is a lovely jumpsuit, the Duchess looks very elegant, and chic.

  4. How gorgeous is Meghan!!! She is all radiant, I like that.
    I really envy her accessories.
    Seeing Gloria and Meghan so touching, 2 generations who love each other and spend time together, it's simply beautiful; we want to sneak up on Meghan to find out what she shares with others.
    Thanks Charlotte, great job.

  5. I wonder what else Meghan and Gloria have planned. It’s great to see how Meghan’s professional connections become personal, just like Harry with the Mandela family. Meghan’s New York style game has been on point. I love the balance of casual-chic for her lunch with Gloria and the subtle-sexy for her date night with Harry. She looks glowing and happy and the pap photos remind me of how well she worked the camera back in her acting days. She’s still got it!

  6. Back in the early 70s, in the wake of the "hot pants" craze, there was for a while a vogue for "city shorts," which were longer, looser, and more tailored than hot pants, and "city sandals," which were dressier and higher-heeled than most summer footwear. I remember Glamour Magazine promoting these. At 15, I actually owned a little short suit that I wore exactly once, to meet a famous actor my father was interviewing. I had the idea that I should wear something really different and fashionable for the occasion. There's a picture of me with said actor, in my "city shorts" with matching jacket. I cringe each time I see it. I was far too much the fashion slave back then.

    City shorts quickly disappeared (city sandals have remained with us, of course), so I have to laugh at the recent re-emergence of tailored, somewhat dressy shorts worn with heels. I don't see many people wearing them in the big city where I live, but I do see a few, women who are clearly rather fashion-forward, as Meghan Sussex is. I think she looks quite nice in this sharp navy pair, and I like the tobacco accents and the crisp white shirt, too.

    However, while I own some tailored, longish, linen shorts and have worn them with linen jackets, I would never opt for heels with them. I prefer wedged espadrilles. And I won't be wearing them to the office or lunch in the city. I think I'm too old to get away with that look!

    I've been seeking a black jumpsuit that suits me for eons. I loved the Everlane piece MS wore on one of her official trips with Harry, but it sold out and has not been offered again. This black and white evening version is quite nice -- I love the back details -- but again, it wouldn't be for me. Still, I think it looks great on MS. I appreciate the fact that by stepping away from royal duties, she has more freedom to indulge her fashion interests and to experiment than Kate Cambridge does. We don't see her as often, but when we do, she provides a great deal of fashion entertainment!

    1. In Florida , we call “city shorts” Bermuda shorts or “dress shorts” because they are longer and usually have a crease in the front. It’s considered a dressy way to keep cool. Heels are not worn, wedges or flat shoes are the preferred footwear

  7. So nice to see Harry and Meghan out and about. Love the lunch with Gloria (will not get on board with the high waisted shorts - scarred from my childhood in them in the 1980s) and the jumpsuit. Looking forward to seeing what projects they have in store! -op

  8. Love the jumpsuit. Does anyone know if it has a side zip or if you have to tie it at the back each time?


    1. It zips, according to the site. Those ties aren't the kind you'd be expected to achieve yourself.

  9. That Twitter user captioned it perfectly “All she does it glow”. She is so fresh-faced and that jumpsuit is 🔥

  10. I've been enjoying this trip too much to comment! I have always felt a tug on the heart for Harry because of his childhood. When Meghan appeared, I thought I'd look at The Tig, even though I consider lifestyle blogs a waste of time. I loved it! Something about her just shone through -- suddenly I liked Harry's fiancé even more than I liked him. And nothing says Meghan like a visit to NYC. She's wearing what she loves and being with the people she loves. She's obviously happy. If anyone should value a happy home life, it is Diana's sons. Anyone who truly loves Harry will wish for him to have a happy marriage above all things. Only wish they had stayed longer to give us more treats.

  11. I love seeing these 2 together, every time there are nasty accusations at Meghan & Harry, I think, could anyone believe she can fool people like Gloria Steinem.

    Now onto fashion, the knee length trousers, now I’m not suggesting that Meghan was copying Diana, but one of my fave outfits at the time is Diana at a polo match in 1983 long shorts or shortened trousers with sweater tied around her shoulders. My favorite Diana outfits are between William & Harry & at a polo match, she was stylish & relatable..oh the Pierre Deux fabric bag was a must wear at the time, they were not particularly expensive so anyone could copy.

  12. Not sure if I can say this, but I have 2 comments about the ridiculous new book about Meghan. I do think people will waste their money, but some of the reports actually sound good to me. One is when Meghan supposedly didn't enjoy Harry's friends on a long weekend -- I say "way to go" Meghan! If the report is true then she had courage and did Harry a huge favor. I was also amused at the Queen being glad Meghan didn't go to PP's funeral. I think we all were glad! She has a miscarriage and was then 7 months' pregnant. The stress would have been great -- bad enough for Harry. And then one less person could have been invited -- much better to invite old friends than for Meghan to take their place. I'm sure the Queen didn't want the media craze either. This author has really fooled some of the public.

    1. Why anyone thinks these so-called "royal experts" actually know what any of the royals is thinking at any given moment is a good question. They have no access to them or to their true intimates, who don't talk to the tabloids or to tabloid-style unauthorized biographers. They can't read minds. This new book is no more than an attempt to make money out of sheer sensationalism and likely incorporates mere speculation, assumptions, guesswork, and a great deal of fantasy. Writers like Bower have nothing else with which to work.

      The royals have a long history of not suing the low-rent hacks who try to capitalize on defaming them, but Bower should beware: the Sussexes have proved that they are quite willing to pursue legal remedies. If he can't back up his claims with solid evidence, he'll find himself paying damages out of whatever money he earns from this farcical excuse for a "biography".

    2. One thing this writer is doing is pretending that nonissues are issues. He mentions that Meghan wanted to talk to Emma Watson at a meeting and was denied. Meghan wrote lovely things about Emma. IF, big IF, she did request a meeting, perhaps Emma was busy or tired. She's a private person and perhaps did not wish to speak to the many who may have requested time. Who knows? Bower says Meghan was "mortified." Doesn't sound like it. He cites Meghan praising Ivanka in the years before elections, etc. Chelsea Clinton wrote before the run for presidency by her mother that she and Ivanka were best friends. Another "so what" to Bower. I'm not sure there is enough to bother suing over, although the Palace is defending Camilla and thus saying Bower lies. Bower should be sued and forced to donate profits.

    3. How would he know whether MS was "mortified"? As I said, he cannot read minds. As for Ivanka Trump, she changed her spots quickly as soon as it became clear that her father had a chance to become president. A lot of people who'd previously been friendly with her backed off and for good reason.

      Bower seems to know that he might be facing legal trouble. He virtually threatened the other day that the Sussexes had better not sue, since they wouldn't want to be cross-examined by his legal team. However, without solid evidence to support his claims, he's the one whose cross-examination could be -- shall we say? -- awkward. In fact, I might point out that the laws regarding libel are different in the US and UK. I'd be interested to observe a suit in the US (presumably the book is going to be published here), where Bower would be forced to prove his claims were correct rather than the Sussexes forced to prove his claims were wrong.

  13. This is going to be so interesting, thank you


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