Wednesday, 30 November 2022

The Duchess in Armani for Power of Women Event in Indianapolis

The Duchess of Sussex visited Indianapolis yesterday to speak at the Women's Fund of Central Indiana event celebrating the Power of Women. It was a private event, closed to the media, and as this morning grew into this afternoon, it was looking less likely we would see photos or information. Thankfully, that was not the case. Images of the Duchess in conversation were released with a statement from advisory board chair Tavonna Harris Askew, which read: "Women's Fund of Central Indiana believes in the force of women's voices, women's experiences and women's work. We know that Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex does, too. We are honored that she joined us on this special evening to celebrate our common cause—the power of women."

Below, Meghan in conversation with Rabbi Sandy Sasso, the first woman to have been ordained a rabbi in Reconstructionist Judaism. The acclaimed writer and community leader moderated the event. Their discussion spanned the importance and means we have to support young women and how we can empower women in general.

Women’s Fund of Central Indiana mobilizes people, ideas and investments so every woman and girl in our community has an equitable opportunity to reach her full potential -- no matter her place, race or identity. The Fund's investments have improved the lives of women and girls.

The power of investing in women and girls in numbers.

Previous speakers at the annual event include Michelle Obama, Brooke Shields and Soledad O'Brien.

Meghan was chic in a gorgeous seasonal look. Her dress is the Giorgio Armani Twisted Keyhole Front Jersey Midi Dress. Made in Italy, the vivid green piece is body skimming with a hem falling just below the knee. Below, the piece shown at FarFetch (with thanks to Renee).

It's currently in stock in deep green at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

Meghan's shoes offered a stylish pop of colour.

Renee also suggested Manolo Blahnik's iconic BB pumps (Meghan owns them in several colours) in purple.


Meanwhile, a splendid new video has been released by Invictus Games ahead of next year's event.

A certain couple are included playing a game of table ping pong :)

A reminder the Duke and Duchess will be honoured at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope gala in New York on 6 December.


  1. Gorgeous outfit and beautifully done; wearing 💚💜 the colours of the suffragette movement.

  2. This dress looks VERY similar to the one she wore on her last engagement before stepping back as Senior Royal. I was in Indianapolis the weekend before! Wish I would've known and tried to get into this event. She's gorgeous as always.

  3. Love her. Miss her. Need her to come out more.

  4. Very pretty -- and those shoes! Looks like it's possibly she is wearing her new (to us) emerald necklace. And how cute are they in that video?

  5. She looks absolutely amazing just glowing, she gives the impression she loves working. So sad that again the BRF has racists in its midst.

  6. Very interesting things coming out now about the very real and frightening threats made to Meghan whilst she was in England. I am so glad they left before something awful happened and I hope she has the protection she needs now, privately funded. Looking forward to NY next week. LRB

  7. She is so beautiful! A real gem.

  8. Susan in Florida1 December 2022 at 00:01

    She’s so beautiful. I love this dress and the purple shoes. She’s a role model of how women should support other women.

  9. I am a huge Armani fan and own several GA pieces. The Duchess looks terrific in this green dress. I much admire it. And I love the contrast of the purple shoes. Brava!

    I have to say, however, that I am nauseated by the way the trashy tabloids are attempting to foment some sort of "competition" between the Sussexes and the Waleses. It's distressing that so many British seem to thirst for this sort of fabricated rubbish. We simply don't have the same tabloid culture in the US, so I find it very perplexing, though someone recently sent me a lengthy quotation from Tina Brown's recent book on the royals that attempted to explain the difference. I'll have to dig it out, since I suspect readers of this blog might be interested.

  10. For those readers of this blog who don't read Chronicling Kate you may want to check this post out which talks about the recent racist incident in the royal household. This validates what Meghan Markle said about the racism in the royal household and part of the reason they are winning the ripple of hope award dec 6

  11. Beautiful dress, love the purple shoes.

  12. What a great event to participate in! Meghan is youthful and beautiful and I love this gorgeous outfit.

  13. 😄I like this advertisement for the next Invictus Games...The players are full of energy and the complicity that emerges from everyone, it's really nice to see...Meghan is magnificent, her makeup is perfect: that tone on her cheekbones that matches her the shoes and the curtain of the ornaments shine. rejoice

  14. Sheryl from BC Canada1 December 2022 at 19:17

    So so happy to open my computer this am and find not one but two pages/articles....I was in a drought now I'm over the moon. :) So many truths coming out if we didn't already know but the validation is right en pointe. I can't wait for Dec 6th.

  15. Love the ensemble (amazing dress) & the colors' nod to the suffragette movements. So stoked for Invictus too - I think the flurry of activity underscores how hard H&M have been working. Very excited to see the results. -op

  16. love the dress and she loves working and their cute Invictus gamed

  17. I have loved Armani for decades and wore those exquisitely tailored power jackets back in the day.
    This dress is how you do gorgeous: feminine, perfectly calculated hemline, chic. Love the pop of those purple shoes.
    I am uncomfortable with the Netflix documentary but they need to say it and I can’t say they are wrong, not after those disclosures from the Met and clueless Lady Susan’s gaffe. It’s sad for the brothers and I hope they find a way back.
    -Karen in Virginia


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