Meghan's Wardrobe

Meghan's Wardrobe is a page devoted to sharing updates on items and brands the Duchess has worn and similar clothing and jewellery to much loved pieces in her closet. If you would like to share a 'copycat' item, please leave a comment below.

13 September - Meghan's J Crew Denim Shirtdress is now available for pre-order in sizes 00-16.

3 September - Yahoo shared a stylish alternative for the Roksanda Athena dress Meghan wore in New Zealand last year. The £59 Hobbs London Helenora dress features the same navy and light blue colour blocking and a similar 50s style silhouette.

23 August - Meghan's popular Black Halo Jackie O dress is available in several colours in sizes 0-18 at Saks Fifth Avenue


  1. I hope you find the time to update this section at some point! Love coming to your blog for all 'Meghan' news. Karin

    1. Hello,

      I have just updated it and changed the format :)

    2. Ooh, that's quick! Looking good! Thanks!

    3. Why are the prices in Euro ( asking from the UK)? The price on the DeMellier bag seems way out of whack at over 3 million Euros on here!?... I know we've got Brexit coming, but it's not that bad yet! lol! It really is just under £300 here... lol.(You don't have to post this- just have a look, Charlotte! ;)

  2. Thanks for doing this...I was not a royal fan until Meghan got involve with Prince Harry... Now i'm a total fan..I love the queen and her royal family.. I might even take a trip to London to visit!


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