Thursday 11 November 2021

Meghan's Salute to Freedom Gala Beauty Look

Often times following red carpet events for the royals, readers get in touch and ask, do we know about the beauty look? We rarely have concrete information to share, which is why it was a delight to read an interview with Meghan's make up artist and longtime close friend Daniel Martin on Allure. Daniel, who has done the Duchess' make up both in the UK and US for many of her most significant events, was asked if Meghan was excited to try some bright colours. His reply? "Yes, yes and yes."

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More from Daniel Martin's interview with Allure:

'With her hair pulled up, I wanted to kind of pull everything back," he explains. The week prior to the event, he attended The Makeup Show, an exhibition where Martin was introduced to a lot of BIPOC-, women-, and LGBTQ+-owned brands that he ended up using for Markle's gala look. "What I was excited about was that I was able to introduce Meghan to these brands that she had never heard of.'

On his Instagram page last night, Daniel shared an image of the Duke and Duchess arriving at the Salute to Freedom Gala with a poignant Maya Angelou quote.

People reports:

Rounding out the beauty squad was hairstylist Serge Normant, who was behind Meghan's effortless "messy bun" for her walk down the aisle.

"It was so much fun to have all of us back together again. It was chill and relaxed, like the gang was back together," Martin tells PEOPLE. "Harry jokes around a lot, and Meghan is really funny. It was nice to have those belly laughs again!"

He adds, "Serge said it took us back to their wedding day, which was the last time the three of us were together."

For Meghan's base, Daniel started the look by prepping her face with products from Tatcha. Last year, he joined the company as Global Director of Artistry and Education. The $48 Serum Stick is described as a "concentrated solid serum of 80% squalane and Japanese lemon balm that targets signs of aging and dryness instantly and over time, keeping skin and makeup fresh throughout the day".

Writing for Tatcha previously, Daniel shared why he loves the serum stick: "This is literally in every bag I have. It’s nice and cooling on the skin. It’s made with these beautiful ingredients of Japanese lemon balm and squalane, which is really refreshing. It’s great to actually refresh your makeup with, anytime you feel like your skin is getting dry or dehydrated, just take this all over on the face, but it also gives a really beautiful highlight on the skin. In the winter, this is really great to nourish and hydrate. You literally need this in every bag."

Harper's Bazaar reports he also used Tatcha's Water Cream Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Moisturizer.

And Costa Brazil Kaya Jungle Firming Oil. Described as a "high-performance, lightweight oil that helps soften and tone skin while unlocking your natural radiance".

For Meghan's foundation, Daniel selected DIOR Backstage Face & Body, though he told Allure he doesn't use it all over her face. "It's really important for me to get her skin to a good place so that any redness and unevenness I can correct with just a bit of foundation."

Meghan's light pink lip worked very well with the striking eye make up. It's Olivia Palermo's Pink Matte Lipstick in 'Rosebud'. The vegan lipstick is free from sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, talc, mineral oil and BHT. It's available in several colours at Net-A-Porter retailing for $38.

Meghan's purple eyeliner wingers were the defining element of the look. Daniel used Bryedo Waterproof Mascara.

And those who follow Daniel on Instagram may have noticed the Danessa Myricks Beauty Lightwork Volume III - Infinite Light Eye & Face Palette. Daniel told People: "I wanted an Audrey Hepburn-inspired eye without it being harsh with black, so I used purple. I just love purple and red together". He said Meghan "loved" the look and Harry was also a fan, "He thought it was cool".

More about founder Danessa Myricks from her official website:

'Self-Taught. Makeup Artist. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Founder. Mother. Black woman. In a world focused on labels, Danessa Myricks has continuously broken boundaries and built a world of beauty for people from all races, ages and genders.

Starting out as a self-taught makeup artist, Danessa learned how to use products in unconventional ways to create stunning looks. Ignoring industry norms, she began to teach other artists about her techniques and product selections, and created a name for herself in the beauty world. After turning heads at some of the largest brands, Danessa led product development for some of the most successful launches in history at brands like KISS and Benefit Cosmetics. But she knew the world of makeup still felt exclusive to many, so she decided to launch her own brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty. Every product developed by Danessa and her team isn’t designed for just one application. All products by Danessa Myricks Beauty are multi-functional and created to work in multiple places and on all faces. Creatively combining artistry with product manipulation, she designs and launches some of the most high-performance products on the market.'

More on the palette from Sephora: "This palette contains: four Holographic Powders, which are ultra-reflective, semi-translucent, cushiony, and prismatic highlighting shades. One Pressed Glitter shade, which is a multi-dimensional, mess-free sparkler. Two Duo-chrome Gels that are luxurious, opalescent, all-over, creamy spotlights. Two Powder Creams that are plush powder-cream hybrids. Plus, five Multi-Chrome Pigments that are ultra-chromatic, color-shifting, velvety powders."

Daniel also used LAMIK Beauty Revelation Brown Duo to complete the look.

You can see the details in action close-up in the video below. It was a fabulous beauty look!

To read the full post from last night (complete with Harry's fantastic speech) please click here.

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We'll see the Duke and Duchess marking Veterans Day shortly. 


  1. I'm just...shook. This look! Charlotte, I know I'm not commenting much anymore but please know how much I appreciate your ongoing coverage both here.

  2. What a fun and informative post! The idea of a beauty session with Serge, Daniel, Harry, and Meghan has me very envious. Daniel and Serge do a great job. I would love to try some of these products. :) And the Maya Angelou post -- we need to remember that Meghan is just a human like us. She is not perfect or a god. She has much better intentions than many of us, and is certainly prettier than I am, but we need to just enjoy her. I'm very glad that Diana's sweet little Harry now has a wife and children. Harry experienced parental divorce, and my hope for him is that he has a long and happy marriage. He seems to like the authentic Meghan, and so do I.

  3. I loved her hair and makeup. Just perfect . The dress engulfed her frame and didn’t look flattering to me.

  4. Very excited to start supporting some of these brands: I'm all for supporting brands that are owned by minorities as well as other under-represented - and too often underserved - groups. Meghan looked fab for the gala!

  5. What fun to know the behind-the-scenes prep for Meghan's beautiful appearance at the gala!

  6. Love this post! -op


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